4 Engaging Ways to Use Image Upload in Your Lessons

Exploring ideas in different ways can help boost recall for your students. One way to do this is to ask your students an Image Upload question. With this ClassPoint activity, students must submit their answers as an image. This unique activity can increase engagement in your class and help students feel more active in your lesson.

There are three different ways students can submit photos in response to an Image Upload activity. Students can upload an image that has been previously caved to their device, or they can take a photo or screenshot and upload that right away. With these three ways to upload the image, we have 4 ideas on how you can begin to use the Image Upload activity in your lessons!

How to Add and Run an Image Upload Activity

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To use an Image Upload question type in your PowerPoint presentation, you first must have ClassPoint downloaded and installed. If you haven’t done this yet, click the “Download Now” button at the top of this page. If you are having any trouble with the download, installation, and account creation, check out our full installation guide. Once ClassPoint is downloaded, installed, and you are signed in, you will see the ClassPoint toolbar on the PowerPoint ribbon. This includes the Image Upload question type along with all the other ClassPoint features.

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To add an image upload activity to your lesson, click on the Image Upload question type button. This will place the interactive button on your slide. The side question panel will open and provide you with some customization options for your question. Along with the Play Options, you can choose to hide the names of your students so that they can remain anonymous.

When you are happy with the question set up, it’s time to go into presentation mode and run the question!

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Students can go to www.classpoint.app and join your class with the class code and their name. Once they have joined the class they can follow along with your slides and respond to the questions when they are open. To open the question to begin receiving responses from your students, click on the blue Image Upload button.

Students just need to click on the Upload an Image button, choose an image and submit. In addition, students have quick editing abilities to rotate or crop an image before they submit it. Once all your students have submitted, close the submissions and review the response. Don’t forget to save if you want to take more time to review the responses after class.

Now that you know how to add and run an Image Upload question in your class, let’s go over 4 different ways to begin implementing this question type in your classroom.

Idea 1: Taking Photos to Show Participation

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To ensure students are actively participating during your lessons, you can use the image upload question. For example, if students have done work on a worksheet you have handed out, you can check that they have all done their work by asking them to submit a photo.

You can quickly review the photos your students have submitted by scrolling through the Response Window, or by clicking on an image to enlarge it, then clicking the arrows to filter through the submissions. If you do not have time to thoroughly look at each students’ submission, you can save the responses and look them over after class to ensure everyone is understanding.

To view the responses after class, make sure you click "Save for review" once the question has been closed. 

Idea 2: Screenshot Digital Whiteboard Work

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You might have students using a digital whiteboard application instead of physical paper to do in-class work. To see their work or have them submit an answer in this way, students can take a screenshot and upload it. This is best used when students are using a tablet, or a bigger touchscreen device, as whiteboarding on mobile devices can be a bit cumbersome.

Students can use the same device to do their whiteboarding and to join your class at https://classpoint.app. Once the screenshot is taken, students can upload the image right from their photo library. After all the submissions are in, feel free to insert any of the responses as a new slide in your presentation. This can be used to review certain answers or annotate on them to add more detail or to correct any mistakes.

Idea 3: Upload Image from Online Brainstorming

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When you are having a brainstorming session with photos, students may not be able to draw and screenshot their ideas. Instead, students can search the web, save a photo, and upload it. This provides students with the creativity to upload a new image and see the ideas of their classmates. This comprehensive view will add more value to your brainstorming session.

Students can open a new tab on their device, search safely for an image, then save the image to their device. Next, they can switch back to their classpoint.app tab, and upload the most recent photo in their library.

To hide responses from view so students are not swayed by their classmates submission, hide the responses from view or minimize the response window.

Idea 4: Taking Photos of Real-Life Objects

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To help reinforce a topic or to check students’ understanding, they can take a photo from their surroundings and submit that. This can help students relate what they are learning to their own life.

For example, let’s say they have been learning about shapes in geometry. Ask students to find a sphere somewhere in their surroundings, take a quick photo, and then upload that image. This gives them a chance to put what they have learned into practice, and you can easily see who is understanding the lesson.

The Image Upload question is a fun, creative way to get your students active in your classroom. If you guys are interested in using any of the exampled listed above in your classroom, you can download a sample file below. Are there any other ways that you use image upload in your classroom that your students love? Comment below & let us know!

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