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5 Ideas to Use the Slide Drawing Activity in Your Lessons

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Annotating on PowerPoint slides during a lesson is not just for teachers! With ClassPoint’s Slide Drawing activity, teachers can send students a slide for them to annotate and submit back to them, all within PowerPoint. Teachers can use this for questions that require a drawing answer or to ask students to draw a concept or idea that is being discussed in class.

Switching up your question types in class gives students a whole range of ways to take in the information you are presenting to them. Introducing the slide drawing activity will allow students to actively process and make sense of what they’re learning. We rounded up 5 different ways you can use this activity in your lessons below!

If you need any help in learning how to set up and run a slide drawing activity, you can watch our Slide Drawing Activity in ClassPoint Tutorial.

Example 1: Draw on Graphs

Slide Drawing

Graphs can be used in a variety of subjects so there is plenty of opportunities to get your students to annotate on a graph. Our example here is a Supply and Demand graph. Students must mark where a shortage occurs on the graph.

Students can use any device to answer a slide drawing question. While it helps to have a bigger touchscreen device, they will have no problem using a mouse to draw on the slides.

Example 2: Annotate Over Images

Blog 2 20

Providing students the opportunity to annotate over the top of an image gives you an endless amount of activities. Students can highlight a part of an image so that you can test their knowledge, mark parts of an image that are not correct, or like our example above, they can match text to parts of an image.

There are many other ways that this can be used, and you can enjoy implementing this question type into different parts of your lesson. It can be used as a warmup, to test your students, or for a fun activity at the end of class.

Example 3: Drawing & Visualization

Blog 3 22

Drawing and Visualization can be used in a variety of ways. In our example above, students can listen to the words a teacher is speaking, and draw what they hear. This checks their oral comprehension & allows the teacher to give the images a quick glance to see if they understood the sentence.

Example 4: Correcting Mistakes

Blog 4 19

Students can use slide drawing to point out mistakes in text or images. Teachers can check that they are fully grasping what they are learning when putting it into practice.

Example 5: Showing Work

Blog 5 15

The slide drawing question type can be used as a whiteboard tool as well. You can leave the slide blank, or add a question for students to show their work. In our example, we used a Math problem to demonstrate this idea, but there are many other subjects that can benefit from this question type!

Implementing the slide drawing question type into your lessons is a great way to mix up your teaching style & provide students with a new way of learning and solidifying information. For more help with the slide drawing question type or the other ClassPoint questions, check out our Resources page.

I’m Sara the Content and Knowledge Producer at Inknoe & our ClassPoint expert. My main channel is YouTube, so please check it out if you haven’t! I’m also an avid book reader and am a huge fan of the color blue.
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