Asst. Prof. Dr. Anucha Somabut
Khon Kaen University
Thailand 🇹🇭
CCT Since: 2022-05-19
A little bit about me
Dr. Anucha graduated with his doctorate degree in Educational Technology from Khon Kaen University and currently holds the position of Acting Director of the Learning and Teaching Innovation Center, Deputy Director of KKU Smart Learning Academy as well as a lecturer in the Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Khon Kaen University.

Dr. Anucha has a variety of guaranteed works both articles and research and continually designing curriculum for teaching and learning in the digital age.

“Teaching and learning in the digital age, besides being precise in the subject matter and expertise in the learning design. Teachers must be intelligent in using technology to leverage teaching and learning. The best technology is not the most advanced one but it is a technology that is suitable for the context of learners and teaching” said Dr. Anucha.

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