Bitmoji Classroom in PowerPoint: What & How

Welcome Back! Hopefully, you are all adjusting to the new normal at school as they begin to reopen. With many of you continuing to teach virtually, Bitmoji Classrooms have really grown in popularity.

These animated virtual “classrooms” are a great way to build a welcoming online connection with your students. They can be used as a homepage for your online learning to share announcements, lead students through a presentation or a mini-lesson, or just for fun!

To begin creating your own Bitmoji Classroom in PowerPoint, and sharing through Microsoft Teams, keep on reading!

Creating your Bitmoji Classroom

There are plenty of places that can provide you with an already started classroom background for you to personalize; however, many of these will cost money. I don’t recommend going this route, because creating your own Bitmoji Classroom is actually quite easy and doesn’t take too much time. To begin you really need just need 4 things: a blank slide, a few images, your Bitmoji, and any links you want to add to your classroom.

Upload Images

You will need to start on your blank slide and add images to it to create your classroom. First, you will want to add a floor and a wall. To add these images you can either upload an image you already have from your desktop or do an online search through PowerPoint.


When you search for an image online, be sure to change the search settings. Under Tools, change the Usage Rights to be Labeled for Reuse. This way, you won’t have any issues with copyright. One more setting you can change is for when you are looking for transparent images. This way when you add a photo to your slide, it will not have a background. To do this, under Color, change it to Transparent.


Format and Place Images

Once you have the floor image uploaded onto your slide, you can crop, resize, and move it to where you would like it. Continue doing this with a wall, and other images you would like to have in your classroom.

If you get to point when you need to layer images on top of one another, you can format them so the right one is on top. Right-click on the image that you would like to have on top, and on the menu, click Send to Front.


Save Slide Background

After you have uploaded and set the most basic images on your slide, save the slide as its own image. This way the next time you are creating a slide, you will not have to completely restart. You can use this preset background and add in other images depending on what you will need and want for that day. This tip will save you so much time in the future, so don’t forget to do this!


Adding your Bitmoji

Now, it’s time for the most important part – adding the teacher to the classroom! Open Chrome and download the Bitmoji Chrome extension if you haven’t already. Then, log in to your account. If you don’t have one, easily create one at


When adding a Bitmoji to your classroom, you usually want one without other text and artwork included. To find one that is just yourself, search “pose” or “full-body” in the Bitmoji extension. When you see one you like, right-click to save it as an image on your desktop.


Then, head back into PowerPoint and insert that image to your slide. Resize and place it anywhere you would like it.

Making your Classroom Interactive

Bitmoji Classrooms aren’t just for looks. Add in links or videos to your classroom for students to continue to feel like they are learning back in their own classroom.


You can add links through text or images that are on your slide. Highlight the text, or click on the image that you want to link. Then, on the top ribbon in PowerPoint, hit the Link button to paste in a website that you want your students to check out. You can also link these to another slide in your presentation instead if you want them to check out something else located within your presentation.


To embed a video right on your slide, you only need to go to Insert, and then Video, and Online Video. Students can watch these videos without ever having to leave the presentation.


Now, your students can click on objects and text, and watch videos through your Bitmoji Classroom!

Sharing your Bitmoji Classroom through Teams

When everyone is adjusting to teaching online, finding ways to keep different applications in one spot can really help ease the transition. If you and your students are using Teams, you can easily share your Bitmoji classroom with them for easy access.

You will need to get a shareable link to your PowerPoint slide. From the top right-hand corner, click share, and get a website link. Create a view-only link and copy.


Before we do anything with this link, we will need to add some text to the end of the link. This text allows us to publish the link online. Open any text editor on your desktop and add this text to the end of your link:


Now, copy that whole link and open up Teams. In your Class, under the General Channel, we are going to add a new pivot on the top ribbon. This way, students have easy access to your classroom at any time. Click the plus button, and add a Website. Name the pivot “Virtual Classroom,” “Bitmoji Classroom,” or anything you’d like and paste the link.

If you are not a Teams user, share youtr Bitmoji Classroon with your students by pasting the link into an email and send it to them. 

Students can now explore your slide deck by clicking through all the interactive links on their own through this pivot.


Bitmoji Classroom in PowerPoint Creation & Sharing in Teams Review

Congrats! You have now created your very own Bitmoji Classroom. Hopefully that was fun for you to make! In the simple terms, here is what you did to create your classroom:

  1. Started with a blank PowerPoint slide
  2. Added images to the slide to look like a classroom
  3. Placed your Bitmoji on the slide by saving it from the Chrome extension
  4. Inserted links and videos to your slide to make it interactive
  5. Shared through Teams with the Website pivot on the General Channel

Now that you are an expert, you can keep on creating and finding different ways to include your Bitmoji throughout your virtual classes. I would love to see the different ways you are using Bitmoji Classrooms. Post a photo below!

Need more help with Teams in general? Check out our other articles on How to use Teams for Online Teaching, or on Creating Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams.

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