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How to Use Canva and ClassPoint to Create More Engaging Presentations

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Start creating more intriguing visuals in your classroom and presentations with Canva. With Canva and ClassPoint together, your presentations can become more visually and actively engaging.

Canva is an online web tool that allows you to create different visuals for your classroom. Teachers can create lessons, learning materials like infographics, posters, worksheets, and activities, and even Bitmoji scenes in just minutes. Canva’s visuals for presentations, paired with ClassPoint’s interactive questions, whiteboard, and annotation tools, can really transform your classroom.

If you are not a creative type, don’t worry! Canva has thousands of templates that you can use and customize to fit your needs. Plus, your students can use it too. As an educator on Canva, you and your students can send work back and forth.

To use Canva, sign up on their website as an educator for free pro access. And if you are not using ClassPoint yet, you can download and install it from our website!

Create Engaging Presentations

canva and classpoint together in the classroom

Use Canva to create engaging beautiful presentations, then upload to PowerPoint and add your interactive ClassPoint questions. With Canva, you can create a presentation from scratch and make use of their full image and element library in addition to adding in your information for your lesson.

Or you can make use of one of their MANY pre-made templates and customize as you need. There is a search bar for you to search for many different topics then, filter to search for Presentations only. Choose one that you like and go ahead and begin editing any aspect of the file!

Blog 3 25

Once all your changes are made, download the Canva template as a PowerPoint file. Now, you can open the PowerPoint and add in your ClassPoint questions and begin presenting to your class!

Add Engaging Activities & Whiteboards to a Presentation

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Along with presentation templates, Canva’s library also holds many other visuals. You can use these other visuals within your presentation to make it more engaging and creative.

For example, you can insert a worksheet into your presentation to use as an in-class activity with your students. We searched for a Math worksheet and added in a Slide Drawing question type so that students could complete the activity right from their device during class.

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Canva’s library holds many different backgrounds that you can use as a customized whiteboard with ClassPoint. Whether it is a border or activity, Canva has it all.

ClassPoint’s whiteboard backgrounds come in handy when you want to add more information into your presentation whenever needed, or you can use it for different activities. If there is an activity that you want to do with students, you can set it as a whiteboard background and then insert it into your slides whenever you are ready to complete it.

Design Thinking with Your Students

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Use Canva with your students to help them think and answer questions visually instead of analytically. Students can create their own designs in Canva in response to your prompt or question.

In our example above, students had to create a shield or crest that represented themselves.

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Once their design in Canva is created, they can save it as an image to their device & upload it to your slides with an Image Upload question. This way, you can quickly view all the responses together and see how your students compare and contrast to each other.

Collaborative Visual Group Projects

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Group projects are always a great way to add something new to your classes. Canva allows your students to work together in real-time on the same visual.

Once they share a link with each other, they can begin collaborating and editing their visuals to share with the class later. Our example was to have students work together to share information about one aspect of technology that has changed the classroom.

Blog 7 16

Students can wait until the next day to share with the class, or they can submit with an Image Upload activity and share more details about their graphic right away with the light-box view!

Final Thoughts

Canva can be used to create beautiful presentations along with activities, and other visuals for your presentations in conjunction with ClassPoint. These two applications will help to spice up your classroom in such an easy and non-time-consuming way – what every teacher wants to hear, right?

Do not forget to download the example file below to view all the ideas and use the slides in your next class!

I’m Sara the Content and Knowledge Producer at Inknoe & our ClassPoint expert. My main channel is YouTube, so please check it out if you haven’t! I’m also an avid book reader and am a huge fan of the color blue.
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