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Check Students’ Understanding With ClassPoint’s Short Answer Question

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Check students’ understanding in a way that allows you to fully see where they are in the learning process by using a short answer question. Without any provided answer choices, the students must produce their own original answers, eliminating any lucky guesses that come with multiple-choice questions. This open question type can provide you with a deeper understanding of each students’ comprehension and retention.

Benefits of Short Answer Questions

With student response systems, or tools like ClassPoint, you can implement these short answer questions into your PowerPoint presentations to get instant responses from your students. These instant responses benefit both you, the teacher, and your students.

For Teachers

As a teacher, using instant student responses can quickly allow you to make in-the-moment adjustments to your lesson based on your students’ short answers. Their open answers dictate their understanding clearly, indicating areas that need revisiting or the need to slow down or speed up.

For Students

On the student side, they benefit as they make connections to what they have learned and demonstrate their knowledge. Also, answering low stakes questions and using their devices is a fun way for students to reproduce what they are learning. Plus, these short answer questions can help build a positive team environment by hiding student’s names when they submit, so that everyone feels comfortable sharing their answers.

Implementing short answer questions into your class can be done quickly and easily when you use ClassPoint inside your already-prepared PowerPoint lessons. Watch the video below to see how, or continue reading for a summary.

How to Use Easily in Class

With ClassPoint, adding a short answer question to your slides couldn’t be easier. If you do not have ClassPoint yet, download and install it here.

Add the Interactive Short Answer Button

check students' understanding with ClassPoint

If you already have a slide with a discussion question, you only need to add the interactive short answer button. In your Inknoe ClassPoint tab in the PowerPoint ribbon, click the Short Answer icon.

Hide Participant Names

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A button will place on your slide, & the side question panel will open. Here, you will see the option to Hide Participant Names. This will help you to foster a safe classroom environment and to encourage students to feel comfortable submitting an honest answer.

Present & Receive Responses

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Once you open the question in your presentation mode, students can submit their response if they have joined your class at classpoint.app. We suggest minimizing the Response Window so that students are not influenced by their classmates’ submissions.

Review Responses

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When all the responses are in, click on any of the submissions to view larger. You can insert it as a slide to annotate or highlight any parts of the answer. This can help give students positive reinforcement and spark the beginning of a new discussion.

How easy is this technique to easily get a deeper look at what your students are understanding? ClassPoint’s Short Answer questions can be used in a variety of ways for any subject. To learn more about how to use it in your class, check out this tutorial video.

I’m Sara the Content and Knowledge Producer at Inknoe & our ClassPoint expert. My main channel is YouTube, so please check it out if you haven’t! I’m also an avid book reader and am a huge fan of the color blue.
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