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How to Use ClassPoint with Google Meet for Online Teaching

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While many teachers have been heading back into the classroom, many other teachers are continuing to teach online full-time or with hybrid learning. While online teaching continues, video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet are still present. Helping teachers understand and learn how easy it is to use ClassPoint with these video conferencing platforms is important so that their online teaching experience runs as smoothly as possible.

For those teachers that are using Zoom or Teams, we have another guide about online teaching that you can refer to. This guide goes over the few tips and tricks that you need to know to use ClassPoint with Google Meet for your online teaching experiences. Using ClassPoint with Google Meet is not very difficult, but we want to make sure that teachers are not running into any issues as they begin an online class.

Tip #1: Share Your Screen

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After starting your Google Meet with your students, you will want to begin by sharing your PowerPoint with them so that they can follow along with your information. We know a lot of teachers like to only share the specific PowerPoint window, but if you do this, you will not have access to all of ClassPoint’s capabilities.

When sharing your PowerPoint window with your students in Google Meet, you MUST choose to share your entire screen. This will ensure that you have access to all of ClassPoint’s capabilities.

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If you prefer to have more windows open to view both your PowerPoint and other windows, like the Google Meet Chat, you can present your PowerPoint in Window Mode instead of the full screen. Just remember that your students will see your whole screen.


If you have dual monitors, you can share one entire screen, then have your students and the chat pulled up on the other monitor. 

Tip #2: Begin Using ClassPoint

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As you continue to go through your slides, all of ClassPoint’s features will work just fine. You can begin any of the questions you have on your slides, such as image upload, or use the pens and highlighter to annotate, along with any of the other toolbar features, like pick-a-name or quick poll.

If you have any other questions on the ClassPoint features, check out our resources page for tutorial guides, FAQs, and sample files.

Tips #3: Have Students Open Two Windows

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When students have joined your online class, they can open another tab to join classpoint.app. They can separate this tab so they are viewing ClassPoint and your Google Meet side-by-side. This way they can follow along with the slides that you are sharing on Google Meet and see any annotations or whiteboarding that you do in addition to having easy access to submit their responses when a question has been started.

To make this easy on students, they can use the Split Screen for Google Chrome extension to easily view ClassPoint and Google Meet.

Tip #4: Audio with Google Meet


As you are presenting, your students should be able to hear both you and the audio from a video on your slides or the ClassPoint music if it is playing. If you are running into issues sharing audio with your students, you may need to make some adjustments in your audio settings.

On your desktop go to the control panel, then open the sound and devices tab, then enable the stereo mix. Next, back in Google Meet, go to settings, and in the audio tab switch the microphone to the stereo. Now, your students should be able to hear the audio playing from your slides, but not your voice. When you want them to hear your voice again, switch the audio settings back to the main speaker.

For more help on this, refer to this guide.

Key Reminders

See? Using ClassPoint with Google Meet isn’t so different than using it in class. A couple of reminders for you:

  • Share your whole desktop otherwise you won’t be able to use ClassPoint.
  • Have students open two tabs side by side so that they can see your slides and submit their answers at www.classpoint.app.
  • Engage your students by using annotations, whiteboards and interactive questions with ClassPoint!
  • Adjust your audio settings to share STEREO if you have any issues with sharing audio with your students.

If you have any other questions on using ClassPoint with Google meet, let us know in the comments below. In addition, if you want to check out other ways to increase your students’ engagement during online teaching, check out these ideas:

I’m Sara the Content and Knowledge Producer at Inknoe & our ClassPoint expert. My main channel is YouTube, so please check it out if you haven’t! I’m also an avid book reader and am a huge fan of the color blue.
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