Dr. Azman Omar
Institut Perguruan Kampus Sultan Mizan
Malaysia 🇲🇾
A little bit about me
  • Dr Azman Omar is from Besut, Terengganu. He has been working in the Institut Perguruan Kampus Sultan Mizan (Educator's Institute) since 2002.
  • He has a PHD in Environmental Science (Science Education). Now he has held the position of an outstanding lecturer of Special Grade C.
  • His expertise is in the field of STEM which is Science Education. He is heavily involved in building STEM modules for the educational institute's lecturers as well as primary school teachers.
  • He is also the Principal Instructor (TPU) for the implementation of Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) together with the National STEM Center.
  • He is very interested in providing courses to all lecturers as well as teachers in facilitating the implementation of online learning, especially ClassPoint.

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