Duong Chanh Tam
Computer Science
Truong Dinh Primary, D12
Vietnam 🇻🇳
CCT Since: 2022-01-12
A little bit about me
Mr. Tam is a very proactive member within his school and teacher communities.

Since school year 2015-2016, he has been included in the list of “Top young teachers of the city” for 05 consecutive years. HCMC’s People’s Committee awarded Mr. Tam for “Excellent completion of duties for 02 consecutive school years” for 03 times.

In school year 2017-2018, Mr. Tam won consolation prize for “Innovative Teachers with IT Platforms” contest. In school year 2019-2020, he won the Second Prize of the city-level teacher competency contest.

Mr. Tam has one teaching initiative included in top 50 most excellent teaching initiatives nationwide. Mr. Tam was an MIEE during 2019-2020.

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