5 EdTech Ideas to Engage Students When Online Teaching

Student engagement is a necessity when teaching & needs to be done differently when teaching online versus. in-person. Engaging your students when online teaching means more than just screen sharing.  

Luckily, there are many different EdTech tools that can help increase student engagement in your classroom. Here, we cover 5 different tips and tech tools that you can begin using, PLUS at the end I’ll share a major tip that every teacher should be doing when online teaching.  

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Tip 1: Use Ice Breakers to Begin your Lessons!

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Ice Breakers are fun activities designed to introduce and acquaint students with each other or, a new topic. 

These activities are important because they can create a productive learning environment. By getting students to be more confident in sharing their own ideas, they will become more comfortable with each other.

There are many different ways you can implement ice breakers into your lessons. You can use videos with FlipGrid, or an interactive word cloud in PowerPoint with ClassPoint.

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Tip 2: Annotate on your Slides! 

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When online teaching, you no longer have the whiteboard or smart board in front of you and your students to write on. Instead, while you are screen sharing, you can annotate on your slides.

Make notes, highlight or add extra information to your slides to keep students actively interested in your content. If you do not have a device that has touchscreen capabilities. Try using the One by Wacom. This is an excellently priced drawing tablet that can help you annotate on screen.  

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Tips 3: Implement Group Activities into your lessons!  

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Allowing your students to collaborate with each other helps them grow and learn new things from their peers. To easily allow group activities during online teaching, you can use Breakout Rooms. Whether it is in Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you can easily split your students into groups and they can work together in their own room before the whole class comes together again.  

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Tip 4: Add in Quick Poll and Exit Tickets!  


To keep students on their toes, insert quick poll questions into your lessons. In addition, you can have exit tickets at the end of the class for students to answer before they sign off. This way, you can get an accurate understanding of their knowledge.   

With ClassPoint, you can use quick poll questions to ask your students questions and get feedback at any point in your lesson. In addition, you have 5 different question types for your exit tickets.  

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Tip 5: Gamify your lessons!

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Adding gamification into your lessons will get students motivated! Students will stay engaged and be able to interact in real time. It is a win-win because the students enjoy playing the games, and the teachers get to receive real-time feedback on how their students are understanding the topic.

There are many different websites and application out there that you can use in your classroom for all subjects. However, you can also just use the ClassPoint Competition Mode to add gamification into your PowerPoint lessons.

With ClassPoint, you have the benefit of using one application. The Competition Mode in ClassPoint will score and rank your students based on the how fast and accurately they answer your questions. Every question provides students the opportunity to move up to 1st place!

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Bonus Tip 

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Use Together Mode! Seeing your students all together in a classroom type setting will help you feel as if you were all together again!

With so many different EdTech tools out in the world, every teacher has their own personal favorites. What are a few of your yours?

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