How to Use ClassPoint for Online Teaching

Teachers around the globe are adapting to teaching online. Teaching online can be quite different than in the classroom where you can see and interact with your students. That’s why we want to share how ClassPoint can add this interactivity to your online classes.

In your video conferencing platform, just share your PowerPoint to use the enhanced features ClassPoint gives to your normal presentation. Read more below to find out the best way to use ClassPoint online! 

Laser and annotating on-screen

Laser and annotating on-screen with ClassPoint

The most basic way to use ClassPoint is to simply use the laser or even annotate on your slides. By using the laser, you can point out information on the slides for your students to follow along. To take it one step further, you can use the pen tools to draw on your slides. Annotating on screen is even more useful because you can take notes, fill in blanks, or explain ideas. Your students can follow along in real-time with these changes without the worries of a blurry projector screen or being too far away.

When your annotations are complete, they will be saved on your slides in PowerPoint. So when the presentation is finished, you will have a very accurate copy of your lesson. Most video conferencing platforms have an annotating feature built-into them, but they won’t be saved and embedded into your presentation like they are in ClassPoint. 

Digital Whiteboarding

Add instant whiteboards to PowerPoint with ClassPoint

If you are a hardcore whiteboard user in your classroom, then you will love to use the digital whiteboard built into ClassPoint. There is no limit to the number of whiteboard pages that you can have in your presentation, and they will be automatically inserted as new slides into your presentation. You don’t have to take the time to erase the board, worry about pens not working, or find a way to save your notes when you use ClassPoints’ digital whiteboard. 

Configure pens and customize the whiteboard background to your personal preference

A soon to be released feature of ClassPoint will allow you to define your own whiteboard backgrounds. For example, a math teacher might always want to use a graph paper background. You can learn more about how to use the digital whiteboard tool in ClassPoint in this article.

Interactive Quizzing

Collect instant feedback from students right inside PowerPoint with ClassPoint

The previous tools can be used to aid your PowerPoint presentation online. In addition to those two features, you can also use ClassPoint during live video conferencing calls to boost student engagement with live responses from every single one of your students.  

By adding question buttons to your slides in PowerPoint, you now have the ability to instantly get answers from your students during your presentation. ClassPoint allows for Multiple Choice, Short Answer, and Image Upload questions. On the ClassPoint ribbon, you just click which question you would like to add, and a button appears on your slide. We also have a detailed tutorial on how to turn any PowerPoint slides into interactive quizzes, do check it out!

Students can follow along by opening up another browser on their device for Once they have keyed in the Class Code and their name, they are able to view the slideshow, save slides they find important, and answer the questions. During your slideshow, just click the button when you are ready to begin receiving answers. The students will see the options on their screen and have the ability to submit their answers.

click on a bar to find out which students have submitted that answer

To continue engaging your students, you can take one more step. Once you have stopped submissions from the questions, you can click on a bar to find out which students have submitted that answer. The student can explain their answer through the chat on your video conferencing platform or you can unmute them.

To find out more about all the question types in ClassPoint, you can click the Get Started icon in the top ribbon or check out the Get Started video series here.

Download ClassPoint

During this time that you are taking on something new in online teaching, we want to give you a tool that brings you closer to your students and that feels similar to how it is in in-person classes. In addition to using Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, or any other platform, for video conferencing so that you can see your students, adding in ClassPoint makes your class one step closer to replicating the in-person experience. There are many other tools in ClassPoint you can use during your online teachings, such as quick poll, pick-a-name, and slide sharing. To try them out you can download ClassPoint at

For school subscriptions, we are offering a free usage of ClassPoint until July 1st. To find out more, or if you would like further training for all your teachers, let us know by writing to or at the bottom of the page! 

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