Multiple Choice

Students are required to choose one or more answers from the options you provide. Their answers will be collected and reflected in a live chart.

Word Cloud

Words, phrases or numbers submitted by students will form a cloud for you to visualize their contributions. Great for brainstorming or collecting quick opinions.

Short Answer

Ask a questions and collect text inputs from your students. Multi-paragraphs are supported. This is the best way to ask open ended questions.

Slide Drawing

Send a slide to students, let them mark their answers on it with our drawing tools and send back. You can quickly go through and compare their answers.

Image Upload

Let students respond to your questions with images. They can find pictures from local drive, via online search, or even by taking photos of their answers on paper.

Audience slide viewer

Display slides in students’ browsers, let them follow along your presentation and download slides

Quick poll

Start a True/False, Yes/No/Unsure or other types of ad-hoc polls anytime and get instant feedback from students


Randomly pick your students’ names to answer questions or start group activities.

Share PDF

One click to convert your slides to PDF and send to students. All annotations and whiteboards are included.

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