How to Use the Morph and Enhanced Morph Transition in PowerPoint

There are many different ways to enhance your PowerPoint Presentations to make them more engaging for your students. The Morph transition in PowerPoint will give you a smooth animation for objects on your slide when moving from one slide to the next.

In the same way, the Enhanced Morph will smoothly transform one shape into another. This transition works for any images, or shapes you have on your slides. To learn all the steps in using Morph and Enhanced Morph in PowerPoint, follow along with our Metamorphosis example.

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Morph Transition

The Morph transition can be used when objects are moving from one slide to the next. Adding visual cues can help your students understand that you are moving on, and can help them recall the information later.

For our example here, we have a progress bar at the top of our slides that are going over the different phases of metamorphosis. If we do not use the Morph transition, the shapes will just jump between slides. So, we will add in the transition for a smoother shift in shapes from one slide to the next.

First, you will need to have the same shape, in a different location, on different slides. In our example, you can see we have a green rectangle at the top of each slide in a different location set as a progress bar.

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If you have different shapes you want to apply this transition to, jump down to the Enhanced Morph section below.

Next, I will click on the shape or image that we want to apply the Morph transition to. From there, just go to the Transitions Tab in the top ribbon, and click Morph. Continue to do this for all the shapes in your presentation that you want. In our case, we will do this for all of the rectangles on the other slides.

Then, start your presentation to test it out! You should see a smooth shift between the shapes instead of the simple jump. For using this transition on shapes or images that are not duplicates of each other, you will have to use Enhanced Morph.

Enhanced Morph Transition

The Enhanced Morph transition is very similar to the regular Morph transition. We only need to tweak a few things. First, ensure that you have images on each slide or different shapes that you want to add this transition to. If you test out the Morph transition on these images, you will see a quick fade in and out, instead of the smooth transformation we saw previously.

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To fix this, we need to rename the images to match each other. Begin by clicking on the image, and opening the Selection Pane. This can be found in the Format tab of the PowerPoint ribbon, then in the Arrange category. Here, you can rename the image. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as the other image has the same one. PLUS, you will need to add two exclamation points before the image name.

So we will rename our image to be ” !!img “.

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When that step is complete, you can click on the second image and rename it to the same name from the Selection Pane as well. After all the images are renamed with exclamation points, you can add the Morph transition from the Transitions tab in the PowerPoint ribbon. Test it out in your presentation mode or with the preview button on the transitions tab.

Congrats! You now know how to transform your PowerPoint presentations with some new transitions. This tip works well will different shapes as well, so don’t forget to try it out and use it in any of your upcoming lessons. If you want to see what else PowerPoint can do for you, check out any of these articles below:

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