Naveen Gupta
Computer Science
St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School, Meera Bagh
India 🇮🇳
CCT Since: 2022-01-10
A little bit about me
  • Naveen Gupta, M.Com, M.C.A. and M.Phil, is a winner of the National ICT award 2019 by the Ministry of Education, India, Teacher Excellence Award by Shikshak Kalyan Foundation, Acharya Award by India Japan Foundation, a teacher dedicated and devoted to the enrichment of his students which include students & teachers from some reputed schools and colleges.
  • Vastly experienced in the field of computer education and passionate about innovative means of imparting education, his tutelage and mentoring have helped hundreds flower and reach the pinnacle of success in their chosen fields.
  • Well versed in the art of imbuing his students with goal-oriented and dream-driven motivation, his exceptional leadership skills have spurred his students to pouch some very prestigious awards at the national as well as international competitions.
  • He is also part of NIOS, CBSE and NCERT as part of the curriculum development committee and author for the content.  Apprehending the significance of opening up oneself for critical evaluation by exhibiting one’s creations, he has organized many events with the most notable among them being the National and International Tech-Fest (Competition) “ Geek<a/>Hertz”.
  • Apart from teaching he loves to explore new technologies.

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