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How to Turn Any PDF into an Interactive PowerPoint

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If you have a PDF file, and you would like to convert it into an interactive PowerPoint, there are a few different web tools that make it easier than ever!

For many teachers, it is important to make full use out of their PDF learning materials, and it has always been easy to print and pass out to students to read or fill out as an activity or worksheet; however when online teaching, this becomes a bit more difficult.

You can use the same material to engage with your students online by converting to a digital format with PDF to PowerPoint conversion, saving you time, resources, and a headache. This will allow you to add your PDF slides to another presentation, or the ability to just present that PDF solo.

Plus, to use them as activities or worksheets for a class, you can make this file more interactive with ClassPoint. Find out all the details in the video or read below.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint File

If you are an Adobe user, you can use this application to do the conversion, but if you are not, there are many other free tools on the web you can use instead.

Here is a shortlist of some of the websites you can use to help with the PDF to PowerPoint conversion:

Using ILovePDF as an Example

To demonstrate, we used iLovePDF in the video to turn this Cause and Effect PDF into a PowerPoint file.

PDF into an interactive PowerPoint

First, select the PDF to PowerPoint option. iLovePDF has many different tools, so ensure you find the PDF to PowerPoint option.

Blog 2 26

From there, you only need to upload your PDF, then click Convert PDF. Once the conversion is done, go ahead and Download PowerPoint. It is that easy!

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Now, you have a fully functional and editable PowerPoint version of your PDF. The next step is to make this interactive!

Make it Interactive

To add the interactivity to our newly converted PDF to PowerPoint, we will be using the interactive teaching PowerPoint tool, ClassPoint. ClassPoint has 5 different question types that can be used to receive live responses from your students – all done right through PowerPoint.

Blog 4 25

With this PDF, we will be using the Slide Drawing and Short Answer question types to engage our students. The first slide, with the slide drawing question, will allow students to draw lines to connect the correct cause to the correct effect. This is a quick way to ensure they are ALL understanding the relationship between cause and effect.

Blog 5 21

In the second slide, the short answer question, students must submit examples of effects that have occurred because of the cause listed. There is no right answer here, so it is an excellent way to gather a lot of ideas and use this to begin a discussion in class.

With only those few steps, you can make the most out of all your teaching content, especially if you are teaching online. To learn more about ClassPoint & its other questions types, get started here!

I’m Sara the Content and Knowledge Producer at Inknoe & our ClassPoint expert. My main channel is YouTube, so please check it out if you haven’t! I’m also an avid book reader and am a huge fan of the color blue.
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