Shirin Ramadan
Alhuiteen School
UAE 🇦🇪
CCT Since: 2022-02-26
A little bit about me
  • Bachelor of Arts and Education from the Faculty of Girls, Ain Shams University, Department of Arabic Language
  • An Arabic language teacher at the Ministry of Education in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and now an Arabic language teacher in the UAE
  • Hold a Pre-Master's degree, Department of Education from Ain Shams University
  • Certified teacher for various educational platforms
  • MIE Expert . 2021-2022
  • Microsoft Certified Master Trainer
  • Nominee for the World Teacher Contest 2022
  • I participated in the arbitration of the Arab Reading Challenge in the Al Dhafra region in the United Arab Emirates 2019
  • Alef educational platform ambassador in the UAE
  • Trainer at the Creative Teachers Initiative in the UAE
  • Member of the Society for the Protection of the Arabic Language in the UAE
  • Trainer in the technological advancement team for training and development within the "Education Technology with Arab Eyes" initiative at the level of the Arab world
  • Certified Nearpod teacher
  • Adobe Creative Tutor
  • Member of the Wecklett platform Candidate for the World Teacher Contest 2022
  • I participated in judging the Arab Reading Challenge in Al Dhafra Region 2019 The ambassador of the language of the Dhad from the Shin Center for Training, Consultation and Development
  • Accredited in the national community in the global education network representing the UAE
  • Trainer at Top Emancipation for Training and Consulting TOT
  • Member of the National Society in the Global Education Network Emirates Certified Minecraft Instructor 2022

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