Student Engagement

Classroom Gamification Elements & Examples

4 Classroom Gamification Elements and Examples

Use these 4 classroom gamification examples to motivate and engage students with their learning process. Leaderboards, badges, tasks, and games are diverse elements that can fit in any classroom.

4 Powerful ways to Motivate Students

4 Powerful Ways to Motivate Students

Having motivated students in your class no longer has to be a dream. As an educator, have you been trying to guess what will really motivate your students? Find out how we can transform our guessing to only what works!

strategies for engaging shy students

Engaging Introverted Learners

Engaging introverted, shy students doesn’t have be a vexing problem anymore. In this blog, learn 3 powerful strategies to engage your shy students with ease!

& best Tech Tools for Teachers

7 Best Tech Tools for Teachers

What makes a great tech tool? We think it is a tool that makes your life easier as a teacher without taking up an excessive amount of time to learn. We have 7 tech tools here, that are just that!

5 EdTech Ideas to Engage Students

5 EdTech Ideas to Engage Students

From online teaching to in-person, EdTech is here to stay and to help you to better engage students. These edtech ideas can help you create a classroom of students who are involved, engaged, and learning


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