Thanyasiri Sittirach
Nongwuasopittayakhom School
Thailand 🇹🇭
CCT Since: 2022-06-06
A little bit about me
Teacher Thanyasiri or Teacher Fai is known for presenting a new technique in teaching English in “Mithonkham Molam Fang Petch”, currently pursuing a master's degree at Udon Thani Rajabhat University in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as well as holding a government teacher position at Nong Wua So Pittayakom School, Udon Thani University.

Teacher Fai has a passion for English and focuses on developing teaching through what she loves which is singing until receiving many guaranteed awards.

Especially an Excellent Award in the singing contest with music video “Kru Thai Yim Dai Mue Phai Ma” from the Ministry of Education. In addition, Teacher Fai is also an owner of Kru Fai Youtube Channel which is updating new knowledge and techniques to the public continuously.

“When we do what we love, we tend to do it well and it gives us chances to spread good things to others. For me, it is both singing and teaching,” said Teacher Fai.

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