4 Popular Tools for Classroom Management

As an educator, there are many responsibilities to tackle besides sharing knowledge with students. For example, there are lessons to plan, administrative tasks, parent communications, and so much more. So why not make your life easier where you can? By integrating tools for classroom management into your routine, you can stay organized, save time, and increase communication.

There are many different types of tools for classroom management to help educators streamline some of their tasks. These tools that are listed below will help you consolidate activities, feedback, and grades into one place.


First up is Edmodo. Edmodo is a learning community not only for teachers and their students but also for parents. Teachers are able to communicate, post assignments, and share resources with their students through a Facebook-like platform. In addition, you can also be globally connected to your peers and their classrooms.


  • Write posts or send messages to students to always stay connected
  • Create quizzes inside Edmodo or share digital assignments
  • Award custom badges to students on their work
  • Assign students to specific learning groups
  • Organize your classes and topics easily
Edmodo's Facebook-like platform encourages students to engage in a setting that they are comfortable in. Read this for more information on why student engagement is so important in todays classroom. 


Next, we have Seesaw. Seesaw is a digital portfolio of students work throughout time. Seesaw has thousands of premade activities in their library for you to use. However, files can be uploaded with Goggle apps as well. Teachers can manage their students’ work and give detailed feedback on every assignment. Up to ten family members have access to see their students work in their portfolio. This way, everyone can stay up to date on their child’s progress.


  • Connect Seesaw to curriculum standards to track student progression
  • Add co-teachers or other educators to a students profile
  • Insert voice instruction when posting an assignment
  • View whole class or individual student work feeds
  • Students can submit video, photo, drawing, or text with voice for assignments

Google Classroom

Third, is Google Classroom. This platform is an all-in-one classroom management solution. Here, you can create and send out assignments or quizzes digitally, along with posting announcements and reminders for students on your feed. Once an assignment is submitted, feedback can be left through comments and then graded immediately.


  • Fully integrated with other Google applications like Google Docs, Google Forms, and Google Sheets
  • Assign homework right away or schedule it for later
  • Manage multiple classes on the same account
  • Individualize learning for students based on what they need
  • Parents can receive email summaries of their students upcoming or missing work

Class Dojo

Last but not least, is Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a platform that encourages positive student behavior. Through a virtual reward system, teachers give feedback to students on their work. This work is showcased to parents and administration from the students’ private digital portfolio. Teachers can share assignments, photos & videos, and announcements with their students and parents.


  • Toolkit with classroom tools like activity directions, timer, random group generator, and many more
  • Built-in messenger application to stay connected with parents and students in one place
  • Class Story to update parents through photos and videos of the whole class
  • Comment on student reports to keep everyone informed
  • Free for teachers forever!

Which application should you choose?

If you need help deciding on which of these tools for classroom management you should use, follow these guidelines:

If you are looking to highly engage your students, go with the school appropriate social media platform that is Edmodo.

For a complete classroom management system at any grade level, go with Google Docs.

To best stay connected with parents and manage student behavior, go with Class Dojo.

If you want to manage your classroom with an emphasis on easy student feedback, go with Seesaw.

Let us know in the comments below how you like to manage and engage your classroom! Do you use any of the applications listed above? Or something different?

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