Turn Any Slides into Interactive Quizzes in PowerPoint

ClassPoint has a unique “one-click-to-convert” method to turn any of your existing PowerPoint slides into interactive quizzes. In this post, I’ll take a deep dive to show you the ClassPoint way to gather live student responses with a real-life example.

The idea

We understand that a good technology should be both powerful and easy to use. Unlike some other tools, ClassPoint integrates with Microsoft Office so it doesn’t require you to upload your slides to a website and/or set questions separately. Everything is done straight inside PowerPoint, from creating interactive quizzes to collecting live responses, and to saving results.

Let me demonstrate how you can turn any of your PowerPoint slides into interactive quizzes in the following few steps.

Step 1: design your slide

I teach science and I want to test my students’ understanding about insects. 80% of animals on earth are insects! While some other creatures look like insects, they are not. So I’ve spent 3 minutes to create the question slide below. I even added a picture to illustrate my question.

Note that I can position/scale the picture however I want, because I’m just using the slide as question. Formatting becomes difficult if questions have to be set separately by another tool.

design a question slide for classpoint

Step 2: two ways to add the question button

Now that I have the question slide, I can present it to my class and pick a student to answer the question. But if I want my whole class to participate in this question and get their responses in real time, I will add a ClassPoint question button on the slide. There are two ways I can do this:

  1. Go to ClassPoint tab and click the Multiple Choice icon (the property panel appears for me to customize the question)
  2. If the property panel is open, select/change the question type in the dropdown

So that’s our unique one-click-to-convert method to enable live response for this slide. The question button does two things: 1) it marks the question type for this slide (multiple choice); 2) it serves as a trigger for me to start collecting responses during slideshow (when the button is clicked).

Step 3: (optional) customize the question

In my example, I have 5 options for students to choose from, and I have more than one correct answers (you are right, tadpole and spider are not insects!)

So I’ll go to the property panel, change the number of choices to 5, and check Allow selecting multiple choices. In addition, I will select the two correct answers (B and D), so that a checkmark will appear over them on screen after the submissions are closed. I also want to add some excitement to the question, so I’ll check and set Close submission after 30 seconds.

Test it out

My question slide is ready! When I go to the slideshow, I can first explain the question to my class, then click the button to start collecting responses from my students.

If you want to do a simulation yourself, simply go to slideshow mode and use your own mobile device to join. The question slide will be displayed for the “student”. Once the question button is clicked, the 5 options will be shown and you can test out the submission. Now that the question is live, the button transforms from its standard blue color to yellow. The button shows you how many responses have been collected and the timer. Be sure to submit before the countdown closes!

As soon as the countdown closes, the question button will turn green, which tells you there are responses stored inside. At any point, you can click back into the button to review your students’ responses.

The giveaway

Although I used a Multiple Choice question as an example, you can create any question types following the same way. The best part is you can easily reuse any of your existing slides and convert them to interactive quizzes in PowerPoint. All you need is a few clicks!

We have prepared this sample PPT file with a few question slides for you to play with. Alternatively, this file can be found at the bottom of the question property panel.

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