Using the One by Wacom for Online Teaching with PowerPoint

When teaching online, there is no longer a whiteboard or interactive screen for teachers to use in their lessons. Transitioning to teaching online can be difficult when you no longer have the tools that make your teaching come naturally.

Using a device with touchscreen capabilities would solve many of these issues. But not all teachers have access to or can acquire a device like this. Luckily, there is an inexpensive way to totally recreate your online teaching experience. In this tutorial, I will show you step by step how you can use One by Wacom for online teaching with PowerPoint.

Tablet Specifics


This Wacom tablet is a blank tablet surface, almost like a larger mousepad. The area on the tablet corresponds to your screen, but you are unable to see your screen on the tablet. The pen can be used as a mouse, so you can see where you would be writing by hoovering the pen over the tablet.

Beginning to use the tablet will take some getting used to, but the learning curve is quite small! Just focus on looking at your screen instead of the tablet.

The tablet comes with a pen and a USB to connect the tablet to your computer or laptop. The pen has two buttons on the side that can be customized for any shortcut.

A major pro of this tablet is the price point. This One by Wacom tablet was around $60. There are plenty of other more expensive tablets, but they are geared towards artists rather than teachers. There is no need to drop a lot of money to be able to begin easily annotating on your existing device, this tablet can transform your online classroom exceptionally well.

Plus, it’s super easy to transport because of its size, and setting it up is a breeze – you just need to plug it in. The first time, you’ll need to go to the Wacom website and download the driver, but that shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes.

Use with PowerPoint

You can use the Wacom tablet to add any annotations to your slides when you’re preparing your lesson, during your lesson, or if you need to jump on a call with a student to help explain a concept.


To add any annotations before you begin your lesson to the slides, use the Draw tab in the PowerPoint ribbon, and choose your writing tool. These annotations will stay on your slide when you go into the Presentation Mode.

Use the tablet to add annotations during your presentation as soon as it is needed. Otherwise, annotations are added with a mouse, which takes much longer, resulting in distracted students.

Annotations with ClassPoint


To add student interactivity throughout slides, and make the annotation tools more accessible than the features PowerPoint offers, use ClassPoint along with your PowerPoint slides.

Any device can use the annotating features in ClassPoint, but the Wacom tablets makes it so much easier than using a mouse to draw.


Before beginning the presentation, make sure to have pen colors that you’d like to use ready to go. In the top ribbon, set the correct number and color of pens.

When the presentation has been started, the pens you’ve chosen will be easily accessible on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Annotations can begin immediately and colors changed easily.

Read this more detail: How To Annotate PowerPoint Slides With ClassPoint


To change the color if you are just using PowerPoint, hold down the pen to bring up the menu to change pen colors.

The two buttons on the side of the pen, can be customized to what you would like. One could be an eraser for example so that mistakes can be quickly cleared away.

Adding in Whiteboard Slides


When I need more space to continue writing on my slide, I can easily add in a whiteboard page from the toolbar. ClassPoint has a few preset options; however, these can be changed back in the Edit Mode of PowerPoint.

Click on the Whiteboard Background button on the ribbon to quickly add your own background or remove an existing one. Back in Presentation Mode, your changes will be reflected. A discussion can begin, and annotations made on the slide to continue to engage students during the lesson.


Transforming your PowerPoint slides using the One by Wacom in conjunction with ClassPoint will help you teach as intuitively as you did in the classroom.

Tips for Using the One by Wacom

Tip 1: Customize the two side buttons on the pen.


In your driver application, you can see the many different options for these two buttons. Try using Keystroke, and CMD+Z (for Mac) or CTRL+Z for (Windows) to undo your last pen stroke as one of the buttons!

Tip 2: Set the mapping area on your tablet


In the same driver settings, set the mapping of your tablet. The tablet is preset to map the full computer screen, so every corner of the tablet corresponds to a corner on your screen. This means that you have to move your arm all over the place. Instead, set the mapping to only be a small part of the tablet instead. This way only your hand needs to move because you are only writing in that specific area

Tip 3: Be cautious using dual monitors


Having two monitors will sometimes cause the screens to calibrate incorrectly. So if you are using dual monitors, make sure the screen settings are set to the right monitor in the driver application.

Tip 4: Screen Record in PowerPoint


PowerPoint has a screen recording feature that can be used to record the annotations, your voice, and slides. Use this to still annotate on your slides when you are preparing a lesson that is not taught live for your students. The Wacom tablet makes the annotations so much easier and convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the One by Wacom work with my system?

This tablet will work with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Just make sure you have a USB-A port and an internet connection to download and install the driver.

Is the One by Wacom good for beginners?

Totally! This tablet is a great entry-level tablet for anyone to get started. Because it is so affordable, it makes it an even better option for those looking to add a tablet to their setup without making a huge commitment.

Can you use the One by Wacom tablet without a computer?

Unfortunately no. To use this specific tablet you must have it hooked up to your device via USB.

How much does the One by Wacom cost?

The One by Wacom is around $60.00 USD. You can find this tablet on the Wacom website, Amazon, and a few other electronics dealers!

What is the difference between a graphic tablet and a drawing tablet?

The biggest difference between the two is that graphic tablets have a screen and can be used on their own, without being connected to a computer. Drawing tablets connect to your device, but you aren’t able to see your screen on the tablet.

And that is a wrap on all the tips! I hope you guys enjoy using your own Wacom tablet or purchase one soon. It is such a great purchase at a relatively cheap price point for all the transformations that it can bring to your online teaching experience (especially in conjunction with ClassPoint!)

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