Top 7 Gamification Tools for Teachers to Boost Classroom Engagement Effortlessly

Paige Puntillo

Paige Puntillo

Top 7 Gamification Tools for Teachers to Boost Classroom Engagement Effortlessly

Gamification has been hailed as a powerful tool for enhancing student engagement and motivation in the classroom, and for good reason! Incorporating game elements can make lessons more interactive and enjoyable for students, leading to better learning outcomes.

But how to implement gamification without turning your classroom into a playground? It’s actually pretty easy! With these top 7 gamification tools for teachers, you can easily add engaging learning activities to your lessons and excitement to your classroom!

Understanding Gamification

Before we dive in, Gamification is the process of using game mechanics to engage and motivate people to achieve set goals. By integrating game elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards into non-game contexts, teachers can incentivize and reward students to promote positive behaviors, such as completing tasks on time or participating in class.

However, it’s important to note that gamification is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Effective gamification requires a deep understanding of the learners and their needs. It’s also crucial to strike a balance between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, as too much focus on extrinsic rewards can undermine the intrinsic motivation to learn.

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In summary, gamification can be a powerful tool to enhance engagement and motivation in education, but it should be used thoughtfully and strategically to achieve the desired outcomes.

Best Gamification tools for teachers:

1. ClassPoint

ClassPoint is one of the best gamification tools for teachers that adds student engagement tools & devices right to PowerPoint. It allows teachers to add fun interactive questions & quizzes right their slide and give out stars for participation, correctness, or any student goal they would like to gamify.

quiz gamification tools for teachers

Here’s how it works:

Teachers just download the add-in to PowerPoint, -no need to learn a new tool! And if they want to add interactive questions, they can choose between eight activity types to add as a button right on their slide. (multiple choice, word cloud, slide drawing, image upload, are just a few!) To gamify the questions, they can award stars to students submissions. They can set correct answers, or use the search bar to narrow specific words to give points for! Then they can reveal the leaderboard to showcase the top student standings and podium!

But the unique part about ClassPoint’s gamification rewards, is that they aren’t exclusive to the quiz questions. If a teacher wants to use to reinforce other positive behaviors such as asking questions, participating in class activities, or classroom management, they can award stars to students anytime. This is great for hybrid BYOD classrooms or when students forget theirs


One of the biggest benefits of using ClassPoint in lessons is the increased student engagement it provides. When students feel like they are competing in a game, they are more likely to pay attention and actively participate in the lesson.

The flexibility of giving stars for the questions or just to the student avatar is also a great benefit especially for hybrid BYOD classrooms or when students forget their devices…

Additionally, ClassPoint allows teachers to monitor student understanding in real-time and adjust their lesson accordingly during their presentation. This integrated ability into PowerPoint helps ensure that students are involved, the teacher can gauge their needs, and students can get instant support on difficult areas they need to succeed.

In summary, ClassPoint is an excellent choice for teachers who use PowerPoint and are looking to effortlessly make learning more fun and engaging for their students. By gamifying the learning process and getting students involved, ClassPoint helps to increase motivation and enthusiasm in the classroom.

2. Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU is a gamification tool that engages students in learning through a series of clues and puzzles. It turns the classroom into an escape room-style game, where students must work collaboratively to solve challenges and unlock clues!

How it works:

The Breakout EDU kit includes various locks and boxes that require codes and combinations to open. Teachers can create their own games & challenges or use pre-made ones, which can be found on the Breakout EDU website. The games can be adapted to any subject or grade level, making it a versatile tool for teachers.


Using Breakout EDU in lessons can provide numerous benefits. Firstly, it promotes collaboration and problem-solving skills, as students work together to solve challenges. It also enhances critical thinking skills, as students must analyze clues and information to make connections and draw conclusions. Additionally, it creates an exciting and engaging learning environment, which can help to increase student motivation and interest in the subject matter.

Overall, Breakout EDU is a fun and effective gamification tool that teachers can use to engage students in learning. It promotes collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking skills, and increases student motivation and interest.

3. Classcraft

Classcraft is definitely one of the best gamification tools for teachers out there because it’s an immersive role-playing game that increases engagement, motivation, and builds community. By incorporating elements of gameplay, Classcraft creates a fun learning experience that students look forward to participating in.

How it works:

The tool works by turning learning into an adventure game. Each student is assigned a character role, complete with special powers and abilities, and they can create their own avatars. They earn points for various achievements, such as participating in class, demonstrating good behavior, and completing assignments. These points can be used to level up their characters and unlock new abilities as they progress.


The benefits of using Classcraft in your lessons are numerous. One of the biggest benefits is that it encourages teamwork and collaboration among students. Students are divided into teams and work together to complete quests and achieve goals, fostering a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. Additionally, Classcraft provides a powerful tracking and reporting system that allows teachers to monitor student progress and provide timely feedback to improve learning outcomes.

Overall, Classcraft is one of the best gamification tools for teachers to enhance student engagement in the classroom. By creating a fun and immersive learning experience, students are more motivated and invested in their education. Try it out and see how it transforms your classroom!

4. EdPuzzle

EdPuzzle is a gamification tool that allows teachers create interactive video lessons that include quizzes and other game elements! This tool allows teachers to add their own questions, audio comments, and notes to existing videos or create their own from scratch. Students watch the videos and answer the questions within the video.

How it works:

To use EdPuzzle, simply create an account, find or upload a video that you want to use, add questions, comments, or notes at specific points in the video, and assign it to your class. Once assigned, students can watch the video and answer the questions at their own pace. Teachers can then monitor students’ progress, identify areas where students are struggling, and provide immediate feedback.


The benefit of using EdPuzzle in lessons is that it encourages active learning, critical thinking, and engagement among students. Teachers can customize videos to fit the learning needs of their students and receive immediate feedback on their performance. EdPuzzle provides an effective way to teach and learn through videos and increases student engagement and participation.

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is a popular gamification tool that transforms learning into an interactive game. This platform uses flashcards and quizzes to teach students concepts in a fun and engaging way. With millions of study sets already created, Quizlet is perfect for a wide range of subjects and grade levels.

Here’s how it works:

Teachers can either create their own flashcards or use pre-made ones, and then assign them to their students. The flashcards can include text, images, and audio, allowing students to learn in a multi-sensory way. Quizlet also offers various game modes that allow students to practice and apply what they’ve learned in a fun and interactive way.


One of the benefits of using Quizlet is that it can be customized to suit any lesson plan. Teachers can create study sets that cater to different learning styles, as well as choose from various game modes that promote retention and comprehension. Additionally, the platform also provides real-time feedback to students, which helps them track their progress and identify areas where they need to improve.

Incorporating Quizlet into lessons can also boost student motivation and engagement. By gamifying learning, students are more likely to enjoy the process and retain the information they’ve learned. Furthermore, Quizlet allows for collaborative learning, as students can work together to create study sets and compete in game modes.

Overall, Quizlet is a powerful gamification tool that can revolutionize the way students learn and engage with course content. By providing a fun and interactive way to study, teachers can motivate students and create a more engaging classroom environment.

6. Kahoot

Kahoot is a widely used gamification tool for teachers that takes traditional quizzes and turns them into a fun, interactive game for students. This tool gamifies the learning process by turning educational content into a game-like format, increasing student engagement and participation.

How it works:

It works quite simply: the teacher creates a quiz, and students use their devices to answer the questions. The leaderboard on the main screen keeps students engaged and motivated to get more points and ultimately win the game.

Kahoot is an excellent tool for any teacher looking to create a more interactive classroom environment. Not only is it easy to use and customize, but it’s also free and requires no additional hardware. Students will be eager to participate in Kahoot quizzes, as they can compete with their classmates in real-time.


The benefits of using Kahoot in lessons are abundant. It improves student engagement, encourages active learning, and boosts student retention rates. Kahoot quizzes are an excellent way to introduce new material and reinforce key concepts, and it can be used as a fun review tool. Overall, Kahoot is an essential tool for teachers who want to create a dynamic and engaging classroom environment.

7. Classcraft Quests

Classcraft Quests is an expansion of the Classcraft gamification tool that allows teachers to create and customize their own RPG-style quests. It turns traditional classroom activities into fun and exciting quests, complete with storylines, characters, and rewards.

With Classcraft Quests, teachers can create customized adventures that take students through various challenges and activities related to their learning objectives. Students earn experience points (XP) and coins for completing quests, which they can use to level up their character and unlock new abilities.

So how does it work?

The tool works by using the familiar mechanics of role-playing games (RPGs) to create an immersive learning experience. Students can choose their avatar and class (mage, warrior, or healer), and then work together to defeat monsters and bosses. The tool is also customizable, with teachers able to tailor quests to fit their specific learning objectives.


The benefits of using Classcraft Quests in lessons are numerous. First, it motivates students to engage more actively with the lesson material. They become invested in the story and eager to complete the quests, which means they are more likely to retain the information. It also promotes creativity, critical thinking, and really fosters a sense of teamwork and collaboration among students. By working together to achieve shared goals, they develop crucial interpersonal skills that will benefit them beyond the classroom.

In short, Classcraft Quests is an innovative gamification tool that can help teachers boost student engagement and enhance their learning experience. Whether you are teaching history, science, or literature, it is worth considering incorporating this tool into your lesson plans.


With the help of one of these seven gamification tools, teachers can create an engaging and fun learning environment that motivates students to learn! These tools can help to reinforce concepts, build a collaborative environment, and boost participation, all while making learning more enjoyable for students. As a teacher, you have the power to make learning an enjoyable experience for your students, so don’t be afraid to experiment with these tools and find the ones that work best for you and your students.

And if you haven’t checked out ClassPoint yet, try it out today! In addition to the interactive quiz and gamified reward system, ClassPoint adds a bunch of teaching tools & devices to help improve student engagement, participation, and learning during PowerPoint lessons. 🌟

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