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Take part in the EdTech revolution and join the ranks of ClassPoint experts & community ambassadors. Be at the forefront of change drivers and help spread the word about the magic of ClassPoint.


Who are ClassPoint Certified Educators

Help promote ClassPoint to a wider audience, and play a critical role in advancing our efforts to revolutionize the educational experience.

Education Leaders

Those who are passionate leaders in education who believe in the power of technology to transform learning with the latest tools and resources to enhance the classroom experience.

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ClassPoint Experts

Those who are experts in using ClassPoint in day-to-day teaching and can effectively communicate the benefits of the platform to enhance student learning.

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Community Ambassadors

Those who are active members of ClassPoint’s community of educators who share a common goal of upskilling each other to pave the way for more EdTech innovators.

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What’s in it for you

Featured by ClassPoint

Get recognized in social media alongside newly onboarded educators within your local community.

Certificate of Achievement

Celebrate your achievement as a ClassPoint Certified Educator with a certificate, recognizing your excellence in the field.


ClassPoint Certified Educator badge

Showcase your distinguished status as a ClassPoint Certified Educator with pride by displaying a badge for your new title.


Be part of an exclusive group

Connect with your fellow ClassPoint Certified Educators and get the latest developments and updates from ClassPoint.


Unleash your Creativity

Unlock your full potential as a content creator and become an official ClassPoint expert and influencer.

How to become a ClassPoint Certified Educator



Shoot a video recording of you using a ClassPoint feature in the classroom showcasing its best use case, function, and value.



Share the video to social media and influence everyone to use ClassPoint exactly the way you do!



Aside from filling out the ClassPoint Certified Educator application form, take the official ClassPoint Quiz and achieve the required passing rate.


The program is open to educators who use ClassPoint and are interested in becoming experts and ambassadors for the platform.
There is no specific length requirement for the video, but it should showcase a ClassPoint feature and demonstrate its best use case, function, and value in the classroom.
Your video should be shared within your local community. If you need help finding a community in your location, visit this page.
The ClassPoint Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of ClassPoint as a platform and its features. It includes a mix of multiple choice, true/false, and short answer questions.
If you do not pass the ClassPoint Quiz on your first attempt, you can retake it as many times as needed until you achieve the required passing rate.

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