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ClassPoint is an easy to use, all-in-one teaching and student engagement tool in PowerPoint.

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All-in-one, easy to use teaching tool for your teachers.

When your school adopts ClassPoint, get access to all features plus those exclusively available for school-wide plans.

Seamless Content Enhancement

Transform existing PowerPoints without recreating content or learning a new tool.

Amplified Student Engagement

Boost student engagement through instant polls, quizzes and activities.

Efficient Instructional Delivery

Embedded presentation tools keep teachers in one centralized place.

Easy to start, easy to use

Enhance PowerPoint you’re already using

Use existing PowerPoints without recreating your lesson content. With simple, easy-to-use tools, add a variety of interactive questions, and presentation tools like a web browser, and a timer without ever leaving PowerPoint.

8 Quiz Questions.
Reach every student’s learning style with writing, drawing, audio, & visual question types.
AI-generated Quiz Questions.
Use your slides to generate questions that suit your audience with Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Presentation tools.
Embed a random name picker, web browser, drag & drop, timer and more right into your presentation

ClassPoint's ease of use and seamless integration into PowerPoint has made my classroom teaching experience easier than it used to be. I love that I can add questions on top of existing PowerPoints that I have been using for years.

Aaron Teacher in US

Engage every student

Foster communication with every student

Give all students the confidence to participate in every question with the ability to answer anonymously in a variety of formats for every learning type or spin the wheel of names to remove any bias.

Anonymous submission.
Encourage curiosity in students without their fear of being judged.
Spin the Wheel of Names.
Remove bias and give all students an equal chance of letting their voices be heard.
Real-Time Feedback.
Let students know how they are performing by awarding stars based on responses.
Engage every student

Gamification in PowerPoint

Gamified students' learning journey in PowerPoint

Bring fun and excitement to your classes with ClassPoint’s gamification features. Award stars to students for their participation and track their progress.

Award stars to students for their participation and track their progress.
Levels and badges.
Motivate students to reach new levels and earn badges for their achievements.
Track student progress throughout every session to gauge their comprehension.
Gamification in PowerPoint

Perks for your school

Exclusive School Benefits

With Premium Plan for your school, access even more ClassPoint features in addition to those you already use.

500 class size

Foster inclusive learning connections where every student can participate.

Unlimited AI quiz credit

Optimize lessons with AI-generated questions based on PowerPoint slides.


Create groups for collaborative learning and team-based activities.

Webhook access

Receive raw class reports (JSON data) at your endpoint for further processing and integration.

Live Q & A

Collect questions from students and answer them in real time or later.

Lifetime reports

Access all your class reports for as long as you have a Premium account.

Custom branding

Align all student touch points with a recognizable institutional identity.

Onboarding and support

Get dedicated onboarding and support from our team of experts.

Supercharge teaching in PowerPoint.
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Grouping made easy

Grouping students is a breeze with ClassPoint. You can either manually group students or let ClassPoint do the work for you.

Learn more about Grouping
Manually group.
Manually select the individual students you want them to be in a group.
Select the number of students per group and let ClassPoint do the work for you.
ClassPoint Grouping feature

Live Q & A

Run inclusive Q & A sessions

Let your participants ask questions from any device and upvote their favorite ones.

Explore Live Q & A
Instantly toggle on/off.
Toggle on/off the Live Q & A feature anytime during your presentation, allowing you to collect questions from your audience at any point in time.
Easy management of questions.
Easily mark questions as answered or dismiss them, viewing new and answered question, top voted questions.

Custom branding

Customize your ClassPoint experience to your school’s brand

Customize the appearance of ClassPoint to match your school’s brand. Add your school’s logo and colors to ClassPoint to create a seamless experience for your teachers and students.

ClassPoint Custom branding for schools

More quota

Host more students, generate unlimited quizzes.

With Premium Plan, you can host up to 500 students per class and generate unlimited AI quizzes.

500 Class size.
Foster inclusive learning connections where every student can participate.
Unlimited AI Credit.
Optimize lessons with AI-generated questions based on PowerPoint slides.
Lifetime class reports.
Access all your class reports, discover insights and track student progress.
More quota for ClassPoint School Plan

Achieve more with ClassPoint

You can achieve a lot more with ClassPoint with the following powerful tools.

Formative Assessment

Gauge student understanding in real time with various interactive polls and quiz questions. With the Quiz Summary, you can gain further insights into students’ progress and provide them with instant feedback via stars.

formative assessment

Personalized Learning

With 8 different question types including Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Slide Drawing, and Video Upload, you can cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring that all students have opportunities to excel and engage with the material.


Efficient Presentations

Seamlessly annotate on your slides as if it was a whiteboard and open a web browser to search the internet without leaving PowerPoint. Keep students’ attention throughout the whole class, removing the need to bounce between multiple tools.

Efficient presentation delivery


Motivate students through competition by awarding stars and setting goals to reach new levels. Reveal the leaderboard to track student progress from every class, fostering commitment to their personal learning journey.

Gamification in PowerPoint

Classroom Management

Award stars at any point in your lesson, not just for answering interactive questions. Open My Class any time to award (or deduct) stars for attendance, participation, classroom behavior, or in-class activities completed.

Classroom management

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Powerful premium feature. Custom branding. Webhook access. Dedicated support.

ClassPoint for school

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