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What is ClassPoint Academy?

ClassPoint Academy webinar series offer well-curated events to teachers around the globe to create more trainings, learning exposures, and unlimited professional development opportunities with certificates to be earned.

Global & local webinars

ClassPoint Academy international and local webinars are hosted by ClassPoint with subject experts discussing emerging topics, pedagogical methods, and best practices to help our teachers upskill in a world constantly changing & growing.

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Training of Trainers

For those interested in sharing ClassPoint in their communities or schools, ClassPoint Academy Training of Trainers provides best practices for training others on how to use ClassPoint. These workshops also provide information on the ClassPoint School Coach program.

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ClassPoint Workshops

Want the best results in your classroom using ClassPoint? ClassPoint Academy also hosts events designed to help our users discover the best practices when using ClassPoint and reach their full potential.

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Watch ClassPoint global webinars


Incorporating Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom: Live Webinar


Practical Strategies for Differentiated Instruction: Live Webinar


Building Strong Foundations in Maths Interactively: Live Webinar

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ClassPoint Academy is a series of webinars conducted either by the global team of ClassPoint or by the local communities. It consists of 3 main types of events including general webinars, Training of Trainers, and ClassPoint Basics workshops. All these provide professional development opportunities to teachers with varied topics inside and outside of ClassPoint that keep teachers up-to-date with relevant topics.
Joining a ClassPoint Academy webinar is easy! You just need to reserve a slot via an event’s registration form, whether global or local, given out during any webinar announcement. Be sure to keep your tabs open in ClassPoint’s official social media pages and in your local communities for any upcoming events!
Yes! Attending official webinars hosted by ClassPoint require no fee and are 100% free.

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