Add interactive quizzes to your PowerPoint

Engage your students with interactive quizzes in PowerPoint.

The easiest way to run interactive quizzes in PowerPoint.

Effortlessly turn your existing slides into interactive quizzes.

8 question types

Wide range of quiz types.

Quiz mode

Turn PPT into a formative assessment tool.

Detailed insights

Dive deep into the analytics.

Interactive quizzes for every occasion

Quickly turn your slides into captivating learning experiences with the wide range of interactive quiz activities.

Turn slides into Multiple Choice questions

Evaluate student understanding with a familiar question type right inside PowerPoint. Whether used as a formative assessment or an icebreaker activity - there is fun with ClassPoint’s MCQ!

Run interactive Word Cloud in PowerPoint

Watch your students’ ideas, opinions, thoughts, feelings & more appear right inside your PowerPoint during your presentation. Watch student’s words dance around your screen.

See the depth of student understanding with Short Answer

Let students compose answers in written form by asking them a ClassPoint Short Answer question right on your PowerPoint slide. Ask each and every student to participate in your short-form writing activity by providing facts, elaborating on concepts, or expressing their own thoughts, attitudes, or opinions.

Turn your slide into a student drawing activity in class!

Design drawing activities as slides and send it directly to students’ devices for them to draw on. Let students create annotations with user-friendly inking tools to better enhance activity experience. Once done, students can simply hit submit to send their annotated slide back as response which gives way for immediate feedback.

Get participants to submit images/photos as response

Image Upload is an activity that invites all students to upload an image right to a teacher’s presentation! Open up doors to student creativity and invite students to learn, share, and practice recall through multimedia. Plus, because of its visual and scannable nature, Image Upload can be a quick form of assessment for teachers and an opportunity for visual learning for students!

Out with the guessing game, in with Fill in the Blanks

Unlike traditional Fill in the Blanks on pen and paper, ClassPoint’s Fill in the Blanks allows teachers to have participants submit single word answers right from PowerPoint. Teachers are not only able to maximize full participation, but also get to automatically grade submissions with every correct answer set for each question.

An audio recording activity in PowerPoint

ClassPoint’s Audio Record is an activity in PowerPoint where participants get to share an audio recording of their voice. Prompt them with a question and get participants to share their ideas through verbal communication instead of written.

Video sharing made king even in the classroom

Mimic video sharing platforms and turn your PowerPoint presentation into one! Let students get imaginative by letting them share video responses and watch each one live during a class.

Live Q & A

Run inclusive Q & A sessions

Let your participants ask questions from any device and upvote their favorite ones.

Explore Live Q & A
Instantly toggle on/off.
Toggle on/off the Live Q & A feature anytime during your presentation, allowing you to collect questions from your audience at any point in time.
Easy management of questions.
Easily mark questions as answered or dismiss them, viewing new and answered question, top voted questions.

How ClassPoint Quiz works

Using ClassPoint quiz is as easy as ABC

Follow the next steps to install ClassPoint and get started.

Step 1. Add quiz button to slide

Add a quiz button to your slide, use your existing slide or design it anyway you like.

Step 2. Go to Slide show mode

Enter PowerPoint slideshow mode, and start the quiz or poll.

Step 3. Collect responses

Sit back and relax, watching the responses come in live.

Quick Poll

No prepare? No problem!

Open Quick Poll on the spot and start collecting feedback or information from your audience any time during presentations.

Learn more about Quick Poll

Quick Poll is my secret weapon in class. It allows me to instantly gauge my students’ understanding and adjust my lessons in real-time. The simplicity and speed with which I can create and share polls make it an indispensable tool in my classroom. It’s not just a poll; it’s a powerful teaching ally.

Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson 8th Grade Math Teacher

Quiz mode

Liven up the competition.

Fuel an element of competition in the classroom by transforming your Multiple Choice question slides into rounds of interactive quizzes right inside PowerPoint.

Explore Quiz Mode
Difficulty levels.
Identify your question slides’ difficulty level ranging from easy to difficult with corresponding number of stars to be awarded.
Quiz summary.
Collate all responses from all students in one view with a comprehensive summary of activity history with Quiz Summary.
Excel report.
Conveniently export a report in Excel format for you to reference on your next learning assessment.

Don't just stop at quiz, go further with more tools and insights.

ClassPoint is more than just a quiz tool. It is a comprehensive platform that provides a suite of tools and insights to help you deliver engaging and effective lessons.

Live submission status.

Quickly check which participants have submitted their responses, and who hasn’t, ensuring you have a clear picture of activity progress.

Who submitted what

Easily track each student's submissions to gain insights into their responses, ensuring you're informed about every student's progress.

Power search

Swiftly search student submissions for specific keywords, enabling you to filter correct answers or locate individual student responses with ease.

Insert as slide

Seamlessly insert collected responses as slides for further discussions or reference, enhancing the interactivity of your teaching materials.

Auto start quiz

Simplify your teaching routine with the option to automatically start quizzes, making the learning process more efficient.

Auto close submission

Set a countdown timer to automatically close the activity when time is up, ensuring a punctual and organized learning experience.

Anonymous submission

Provide a comfortable and pressure-free environment for students by enabling anonymous submission of their responses.

On/off music

Take control of the atmosphere with the ability to toggle background music on/off or shuffle to another track.

Share activity

Share activity responses effortlessly with other teachers or students online, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange.

A quick overview

How to do interactive quiz in PowerPoint

Learn how to create interactive quizzes in PowerPoint with ClassPoint.

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