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ClassPoint’s goal is to help educators and trainers to improve their overall student engagement as convenient and effortless as possible.

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What is ClassPoint?

ClassPoint is an all-in-one student engagement tool integrated seamlessly with PowerPoint. It helps educators, trainers to present more efficiently without switching between many different apps. Whether presenting in person or from afar, ClassPoint makes it easy to create and run interactive quizzes, gamify students learning journey via levels, badges, leader-board, annotate their slides using inking, text box, shapes, add unlimited whiteboard, randomly pick names, etc. — and do all these in PowerPoint.

What is ClassPoint

Why we built ClassPoint?

To offer an accessible tool that enables every educator to implement interactive technology in their class. After classrooms have undergone and will continue to go through dramatic digital transformations, we want to make it easy and accessible for teacher’s technological interactions to adapt as well. Designed by Inknoe, a Singapore-born education technology company, ClassPoint aims to help educators transform their teaching and learning as as convenient and effortless as possible.

Why we build ClassPoint

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Our values

What do we stand for?

Our diverse backgrounds and cultures foster harmonious teamwork and growth.

Simply clever

Everything you need, but user-friendly. That is our goal, to offer powerful tools without the expense of ease, convenience, and time, and that is ClassPoint.

Love, for our users & team

We are driven by our people: to help educators (who are the best people we could ever work for) and to provide a great workplace for our team.


In a digital transforming world, we want to empower educators and provide the interactive capabilities they need for today’s students.

Have Fun

We firmly believe that work should be a source of joy, and we enthusiastically embrace enjoyable initiatives both within and beyond the workplace.


Always striving to improve the lives of our users, our aim is to create innovative tools that help educators around the world transform their classrooms.


Attaining greatness has consistently required unwavering dedication and a persistent commitment to hard work.

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