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ClassPoint Certified Trainers (CCTs) are the premier pedagogical and technological experts who teach and share ClassPoint with others.

ClassPoint Certified Trainer

About the program

ClassPoint Certified Trainer

ClassPoint Certified Trainers (CCTs) are passionate, volunteer enthusiasts who teach and share ClassPoint with others. They lead local ClassPoint communities, organize online and offline webinars, events, produce tutorials, create courses, and much more.

Be part of a special group of educators dedicated to driving positive change in the education system. Push your potential to the limit and begin inspiring others in achieving great things.

Global community of experts in teaching and training

A global community of educators and trainers who are passionate about teaching and training.

How to join the program

Share the love, promote ClassPoint with others.

Step 1: Learn

Get yourself trained with ClassPoint through our resources, webinars, CCE or CSC program.

Step 2: Promote

Share and promote ClassPoint with others on social media, webinars or at international events.

Step 3: Apply

Submit your application form with required information, and we will be in touch!

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ClassPoint provides tools that encompass the teaching and learning process, enhancing engagement, interactivity, and motivation for learning. I'm thrilled to join the community of ClassPoint Certified Trainers, participating in the exchange of experiences and sharing valuable tools with fellow educators.

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What’s in it for you?

Connect and grow with other educators from around the world.

Free 1-year ClassPoint Pro

Unlock the full potential of ClassPoint with a free one-year Pro subscription, and some exclusive features only for CCTs.

Featured by ClassPoint

Gain exposure for your profile and work by being featured on ClassPoint’s social media platforms and user community.

Become a ClassPoint insider

Stay ahead of the curve and be one of the first to be informed on the latest developments and updates from ClassPoint.

Connect with global educators

Be part of a global community of leaders, visionaries, and ed-tech enthusiasts.

Exclusive support from ClassPoint team

Get exclusive swags, sponsorships for your events from us.

Direct access to the ClassPoint team

Talk to our team directly about your questions, suggestions, etc.

Frequently asked questions

Join the ClassPoint Certified Trainers community

A global community of pioneers, forward-thinkers, and education technology enthusiasts.

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