Gamified learning in PowerPoint.

Create a fun and engaging learning environment for your students without leaving PowerPoint.

Award star
leader board
levels and badges
classes in powerpoint

Gamify your participants’ learning process in PowerPoint.

Bring your students’ learning experience to the next level.

Manage classes

Set up and manage your classes with ease.


Group your students for collaborative learning.

Stars, badges, and levels

Reward your students with stars, badges, and levels.

Leader board

Encourage competition with a leaderboard.

My Classes

Create and save your classes inside PowerPoint so stars that are earned will save over time for convenient student management, motivation, and progress tracking throughout your presentations.

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Public class.
Start with a public class to get started quickly. Anyone with the class code can join the class.
Saved class.
Create a saved class to save your students’ progress over time.
Easily manage your students’ access to your class with security settings like allow guest and lock class.


Effortlessly create student groups right from PowerPoint for collaborative learning and peer-based learning experiences.

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Auto grouping.
Create groups automatically based on the number of groups and students you want in each group.
Group leaderboard.
Encourage collaboration and friendly competition with group leaderboard.

Award stars

Reward participants with stars to reinforce positive achievement, participation, behavior, etc. inside PowerPoint!

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I never thought that my students aged 20+ would be so excited to earn stars. They are so motivated to answer questions and earn stars. I love how ClassPoint has made my lessons so much more fun and engaging.

Abdel Rahman
Abdel Rahman College lecturer

Levels and badges

Reward your students with badges and levels to motivate them to learn and participate in your presentations.

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10 level badges.
10 carefully designed level badges to reward your students for their participation and performance.
Customize level difficulty.
Customize the difficulty of each level to match your students’ learning progress.
Showcase the badges.
Showcase the badges on the My Class screen and on your students’ devices.


Showcase a visual leader board ranking your students by performance through total earned stars. Spark a fun, friendly competition as your students personally see their placements versus others, both on the screen being shared and on their devices!

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Current session leader board.
Show the top students with the most stars earned in the current class session.
Accumulative leader board.
Take a look on students’ accrued stars across all sessions and recognize consistent, high-performing students.

Gamification in PowerPoint

Create an Interactive Scoreboard in PowerPoint

Interact with your students and create the most engaging way to track scores with these simple steps!

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