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ClassPoint’s presentation tools are designed to help you deliver a smooth and engaging presentation. From a timer to a random name picker, these tools are your ultimate presentation companion.

Timer / stopwatch

Add a timer to your presentations with just 1 click.

Say goodbye to the hassle of inserting a timer in PowerPoint from a separate window or app. The ClassPoint PowerPoint timer is accessible on demand right within your slide show, just a single click away.

Explore Timer in PowerPoint
Countdown Timer.
Set a countdown timer to keep track of time and pace your presentation. Access anytime during presentations.
Use the stopwatch to time activities and games. The stopwatch will continue to run even when you move to the next slide.

Embed website in PowerPoint

Embed any websites to your presentations.

Embed any websites to your presentations. Whether it is a YouTube video, a mini game, or GeoGebra, you can embed them to your PowerPoint slides and present them live with ClassPoint.

Learn more about Embedded Browser
Access anytime.
One click to open the embedded browser during presentations. No need to switch between windows.
Bookmark and pin.
Bookmark and pin your favourite websites for quick access.
Insert as slide.
Insert the embedded browser as a slide in your PowerPoint presentation.
Embed website in PowerPoint

Random name picker

A random name picker for your presentations.

ClassPoint’s random name picker is a fun and interactive way to pick students for class participation. It is also a great tool to facilitate group activities and games.

Explore how it works
Wheel of names.
A random name spinner wheel to add fun to name picking.
Random cards.
Draw hidden names behind emoji-designed cards!

Drag and Drop

Explain concepts clearly with drag and drop during presentations.

Convert your PowerPoint slide elements into Draggable Objects which you can freely move around during a live presentation.

See how it works

I use the draggable objects to explain concepts like the water cycle and the rock cycle. It is a great way to engage students and make learning fun. I really like how easy it is, and how it works seamlessly with my PowerPoint slides.

Asma El Gammal
Asma El Gammal Science Teacher

More features for your engaging presentations.

Unleash the power of your PowerPoint with these carefully crafted tools made for smooth content delivery.


Ink or highlight as your present, with customizable pen thickness.

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Instantly call out a size-adjustable spotlight to emphasize your point.

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Add text boxes

Insert text boxes while you present live in slideshow.

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Draw shapes

Draw lines, shapes to elaborate ideas in slide show mode.

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Ad-hoc whiteboard

Add customized whiteboard slides on the go during presentations.

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Share slides as PDF

One click to share your PowerPoint slides as PDF with audience.

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