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Unlock new opportunities for your organization as a ClassPoint School Coach (CSC), empowering educators for the future of teaching.

ClassPoint School Coach

About the program

ClassPoint School Coach

ClassPoint School Coaches are innovative educators with a passion for reshaping education through technology, creating engaging learning experiences for students.

These coaches are committed to continuous personal growth and lifelong learning, always seeking to enhance their teaching skills.

Most importantly, they are dedicated to empowering their colleagues as mentors and role models, fostering a supportive environment for all in the education community.

Join us if you share these qualities and aspirations, and become a valuable addition to this community of change-makers in EdTech.

How to join the program

Share ClassPoint with your co-teachers, communities.

Step 1: Train

Host a workshop with teachers from your school with a minimum of 15 attendees.

Step 2: Share

Share the session on social media and send us some links on how we could find them!

Step 3: Apply

Fill out the official ClassPoint School Coach Application Form and we’ll get in touch right away.


What’s in it for you?

Ed-tech pioneer in your school.

Free 3-month ClassPoint Pro

Your 3 months ClassPoint Pro is on us. And this can be accumulated if you share more!

Certificate of Achievement

Commemorate your status as a ClassPoint School Coach with a certificate, officially recognizing your excellence in coaching.

ClassPoint School Coach badge

Display a highly recognizable badge as a CSC, showcasing your distinguished status with pride.

Special discount for your school

Unlock exclusive school plan discount if ever your school decides to deploy ClassPoint school-wide.

Connect with other CSCs

Connect with other ClassPoint school coaches for learnings, potential opportunities.

Exclusive resources

Get special resources only available to ClassPoint School Coaches.

Frequently asked questions

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Pave the path to a new world of teaching.

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