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Effortlessly deliver an engaging presentation session without ever leaving PowerPoint.

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Create unforgettable presentation experiences with ease.

Interactive quizzes, presentation tools, gamification, etc.

Enhanced Communication

Seamlessly deliver presentations internally and externally for training, onboarding, HR, Marketing, and Sales.

Audience Engagement

Instant feedback keeps the audience engaged throughout the presentation while providing robust analytics for review.

Improved Productivity

Efficiently create custom PowerPoint presentations with a user-friendly, easy-to-learn interface.

Motivating Interactive Presentations

Invite your audience or team to actively participate in the presentation through a range of interactive quiz questions, activities, and polls. Add motivation through competition with points to climb the leaderboard as they go.

Learn more about Interactive quizzes
Interactive quizzes.
Multiple Choice, Word Cloud, Short Answer, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Slide Drawing, Image, Audio and Video Upload.
Quick poll.
Make use of ad-hoc questions to gather opinions and feedback.
Quiz mode competition.
Motivate your audience through a fast-paced competition.
Interactive presentation

Efficient Presentation Delivery

Eliminate the need to juggle multiple applications. With integrated tools now available within PowerPoint, maintain your focus and streamline your presentation workflow.

Explore all presentation tools
Quickly access advanced writing tools and whiteboard slides for added space.
Integrated tools.
Seamlessly utilize a timer and web browser within PowerPoint to enhance efficiency.
Easy share.
Share files as PDFs via QR code to your audience including all annotations and whiteboards.
Effective presentation

AI-Generated Questions

Optimize your workflow and enhance presentation efficiency by harnessing AI in PowerPoint to automatically generate questions tailored to the content on your slides.

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Robust Security, Seamless Compatibility

With Single Sign On, keep accounts and data within safe and secure while accessing any pre-made PowerPoint presentations.

Native PowerPoint Integration.
Use all the tools you need in one platform.
Single sign-on.
Use Google, Microsoft, or Facebook for a secure sign-in process.
Custom Branding.
With Organization plan, create a cohesive look by matching your company’s brand identity.

Use Cases

Popular Ways to Use ClassPoint at Work

ClassPoint is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your PowerPoint presentation experience.

Employee Training

Enhance employee training with interactive elements. Engage your team with quizzes, polls, and live feedback, making learning more efficient and dynamic.

All-Hands Meetings

Turn all-hands meetings into interactive sessions. Foster two-way communication, gather insights through real-time polls, and ensure inclusivity in your organization-wide gatherings.

Remote Meetings

Improve the effectiveness of remote meetings. Enable interactive discussions, Q&A sessions, and real-time collaboration, allowing all team members to participate from anywhere.


Elevate your workshops with interactive features. Engage participants through live polls, quizzes, and surveys, making your workshops more engaging and impactful.

Team Building

Strengthen team bonds with interactive activities. Create engaging challenges, quizzes, and games that promote collaboration and communication within your team.

Virtual Events

Host engaging virtual events. Use live polls, interactive sessions, and discussions to keep your audience engaged and create a memorable virtual experience.

Hybrid Meetings

Bridge the gap between in-person and remote participants in hybrid meetings. Ensure both groups can participate through interactive tools like live Q&A, polls, and surveys, creating a cohesive meeting experience.


Engage your audience in dynamic online presentations. With interactive polls, live chat, and real-time Q&A, your webinars become engaging conversations, allowing for active participation and enhanced knowledge sharing.

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