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Embed websites in PowerPoint

Surf the web right in PowerPoint slide show mode.

Embed websites in PowerPoint

Embed any websites to your PowerPoint presentations.

No macro, no coding, no hassle.

Access anytime

Access the browser anytime during your presentation without leaving slideshow.

Bookmarks and pins

Bookmark your favorite websites and pin them for quick access.

Insert as slides

Insert the webpages as slides for a more seamless experience.

Easy access

One click to open the browser

ClassPoint’s embedded browser is powered by Google search, so you can search for anything you want right in your PowerPoint presentation.

Multiple tabs

Open multiple tabs in the embedded browser

Open multiple websites or pages at the same time without having to switch back and forth between different windows. Enjoy smooth tabbed browsing during an active slideshow right inside PowerPoint and easily keep tabs open for quick and easy reference.

Bookmarks and pins

Save your favourite websites for quick access.

Bookmark your favourite websites and pin them for quick access. You can also easily manage your bookmarks and pins by adding, editing, or deleting them as you wish.

Save as slides

Insert webpages as slides and annotate on them.

Insert a webpage as a slide and make it part of your presentation. With just a few clicks, you may incorporate any web content captured as an entire page onto your deck which you could annotate on during a live presentation to present specific cues.

Save as slides

Use cases

How can I use the embedded browser in PowerPoint?

Ad-hoc research

Search for information on the fly and share it with your audience instantly.

YouTube videos

Keep your audience engaged with relevant videos and interactive content.

Learning games

Play interactive games with your audience to reinforce learning.

Educational resources

Share useful resources and references with your audience in real-time.


Embed GeoGebra applets to illustrate mathematical concepts and models.

Virtual field trips

Take students on virtual field trips using websites that provide 360-degree views of famous landmarks.

Embed browser in PowerPoint

Embed a Live Website Instantly in Any Powerpoint Presentation

No clunky screenshots or long web links to take you outside of your presentation. Do it all, without ever leaving your presentation!

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