AI quiz generator in PowerPoint

Generate quiz questions from your PowerPoint slides using AI.

Ignite Learning with AI-Driven Quizzes 🪄.

Effortlessly generate captivating questions from any PowerPoint slide in an instant!

Multiple quiz types

MCQ, Short Answer, Fill in the Blanks.

Bloom’s taxonomy

Generate questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy.

Multi-language support

Native language support powered by OpenAI.

AI quiz types

Flexible quiz customization.
Tailor-made for you.

Captivate your students and evaluate their understanding using a range of engaging question formats.

Multiple choice question.
Engage students and assess understanding with interactive Multiple Choice questions.
Short answer question.
Encourage critical thinking and deeper learning through open-ended Short Answer questions.
Fill in the blanks question.
Promote active comprehension with automated Fill in the Blanks questions.

How ClassPoint AI works

Let AI do it for you

Three simple steps to generate quiz questions and collect live responses.

1. AI reads your slide.

Make use of any PowerPoint slide and watch as ClassPoint AI seamlessly analyze its content with lightning speed.

2. Generate quizzes on the go.

See how ClassPoint AI work its magic, generating a stimulating question based on your PowerPoint slide in just seconds.

3. Collect responses.

Integrate the generated question into your presentation, start collecting live responses from participants!

Bloom's Taxonomy

Enhance your questioning strategies. Ask with purpose.

Elevate your quizzes by incorporating Bloom's Taxonomy Levels, allowing you to tailor the cognitive complexity of questions.

Assess factual knowledge and recall.
Concept comprehension and interpretation.
Apply knowledge to real-world scenarios.
Promote critical thinking and information analysis.
Foster higher-level thinking and judgment skills.
Promote creativity and the synthesis of ideas.

Live interactive quiz

Collect live responses right away in PowerPoint.

With a simple click, start gathering responses from your students using AI-generated quiz questions.

ClassPoint’s AI feature is a true marvel. It crafts dynamic quizzes that enhance my lectures. The analytics provided are invaluable for tracking student progress. ClassPoint makes teaching math a breeze!

Eliza – Teacher

Multi-lingual support

Bridging the language gap. Enhancing inclusivity.

Language barrier? We got rid of that. ClassPoint AI supports multiple languages, allowing you to generate questions in a language of your choice.

Native language support.
Let AI generate questions in any language of your choice.
OpenAI technology.
Leverages the powerful OpenAI technology.

The quality of ClassPoint’s AI-generated quizzes is beyond my expectation. It’s like having a quiz-writing genius by my side, and it knows my language so well!

Dr. Rodriguez
Dr. Rodriguez – Colleague lecturer

“ClassPoint's AI feature is a game-changer in my classroom! It creates interactive quizzes that keep my students engaged. Grading is a breeze, saving me precious time. Thanks to ClassPoint, teaching is more fun and efficient!”

Female teacher profile
Mrs. Anderson
7th Grade Science Teacher

“I must say I'm amazed by ClassPoint's AI. It helps me craft quizzes effortlessly, and the instant feedback motivates my students. It's like having a teaching assistant! ClassPoint is a must for every teacher.”

Teacher profile image
Mr. Patel
High School History Instructor

AI Quiz Generator in PowerPoint

How to Create an AI Quiz in PowerPoint?

Generate quiz questions from your PowerPoint slides using AI.

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