Building Strong Foundations in Maths Interactively

Vanessa Tsang

Vanessa Tsang

Building Strong Foundations in Maths Interactively

Children are usually characterized as boisterous and distractible. It is thus challenging to attract and retain the attention of children in our classrooms.

In this second episode of Classpoint in Classroom Webinar Series, we invited Ms. Vivienn Lee, an experienced elementary Maths teacher to share how to create interactive Maths lessons and grab the attention of young learners during lessons. She shared with us purposeful learning activities which can retain hard-earned attention and boost their engagement with teachers and learning content. 

The audience was treated to a sneak peek of how a typical Maths lesson could be transformed into one that is highly engaging and able to enhance learning. Through her lesson design, there were ample opportunities to identify students’ learning gaps and perform assessments for learning while maintaining a positive learning environment.  

How ClassPoint Helped

Instead of having to utilize various third-party sites to create interactive Maths lessons, Vivienn appreciated the PowerPoint-integrated features of ClassPoint which helped reduce the time needed for lesson design.

The following are a few examples of ClassPoint-enabled activities Vivienn shared during the webinar:

With the submitted student responses, Vivienn furthered class discussions by appointing students to demonstrate their thought processes through the slide drawing function. This encourages peer-peer teaching and at the same time is a great way to boost students’ confidence in the subject.

Other strategies Vivienn shared can be found in the recording of the webinar. Watch to learn more!

In addition, the full deck of activity slides used in Vivienn’s class for interactive Maths lessons (coupled with a money-themed whiteboard background) can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

Vanessa Tsang

About Vanessa Tsang

I’m an educator and trainer who’s very passionate about sharing different and fun ways to engage learners. I’ve been interested in creative teaching methods since I was a kid…my favorite movie and inspiration came from Dead Poets Society!

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