ClassPoint Update: July 2020 Release Note

Dr. John Yan

Dr. John Yan

ClassPoint Update: July 2020 Release Note

Welcome to ClassPoint July 2020 Updates!

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all teachers for your effort in Home Based Learning in the past few months. It was definitely not an easy job to do. I also appreciate your support in using and sharing ClassPoint, as we have seen a 5x user growth in the last 3 months.

We’ve been working closely with a lot of teachers and getting all your feedback to continuously improve ClassPoint. In this post, I’m happy to announce the 10 new features we have just added into ClassPoint. Here we go.

#1. Question button states (00:15)

When you first add a question, the button is in blue, showing you the specific question type. When you run it in slide show mode, the button turns orange and shows you student participation status in real-time. When student submission is over, the button will turn green, indicating that there are data saved in it, for your viewing.

#2. View student responses anytime (01:00)

When you see a green button, it means you can click it to view the student responses saved inside. You can do this anytime, either during slide show, or after you quit slide show to PowerPoint edit mode. The data is automatically saved on the cloud. And you can still save student responses as slides like before.

#3. Correct answer for Multiple Choice (01:24)

You now can define one or more correct answers for Multiple Choice activity. In slideshow, when submission is closed, you can toggle Show correct answer and feedback to students whether they’ve got the question right.

#4. Word Cloud activity (01:50)

Word Cloud is a fun activity form where your expected submission from students is a word, a number or a short phrase. This is undoubtedly the best way to visualize brainstorming.

#5. Slide Drawing activity (02:10)

This new question type allows you to send the current slide to students and let them draw on it, then send it back. There are tons of ways to use this activity. You can ask students to circle out grammar mistakes, draw graphs, fill in tables, annotate on images, or even send them a blank slide so they can draw on it as a whiteboard.

#6. “Anonymous” submission (02:35)

Sometimes students are more active when the quiz is anonymous because they know they won’t be judged. Now in Short Answer, Slide Drawing and Image Upload activities, you can toggle this option so students can submit answers anonymously.

#7. Quick Poll templates (03:06)

You can use the quick poll activity when you have ad-hoc questions to ask, or when you want to get quick feedback from students. In the new update, we have prepared two commonly used templates for quick poll, a True/False, and a Yes/No/Unsure.

#8. Audience slide viewer (03:32)

Now you can choose to enable or disable the slide viewer for your students. When enabled, students can follow along your presentation, along with any animations on your slides, and download any slides they think are important. When this is disabled, students can only see the title slide of your presentation, unless you start a question, in which case question slide will be shown.

#9. Customize whiteboard background (04:00)

Promised in my last video, you can now customize up to 6 different whiteboard backgrounds by uploading images or using your selected slides. Once these backgrounds are set, they will be available in slideshow for you to use. Furthermore, these backgrounds are saved on the cloud so you can see/use them on any PC where you sign in ClassPoint from.

#10. “Feedback” icon (04:22)

The feedback icon is added to the ribbon for you to quickly send us your comment, new feature requests, and give us a rating. I want to thank you for all your inputs and encourage you to continue the co-creation with us.

Release date

The above-mentioned updates will be released on 15 July 2020. Everyone will be auto updated and your free usage of ClassPoint will extent to 30 Sep 2020. Feel free to approach us for subscription after the free period.

Until next time, enjoy your teaching!


Dr. John Yan

About Dr. John Yan

My passion in creating simple and elegant products for educators has turned me from a scientist to an entrepreneur. I spend the most time understanding educators and building useful tools for them. Nothing is more rewarding than this!

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