Creating an Assignment with a Class Notebook Page

Sara Wanasek

Sara Wanasek

Creating an Assignment with a Class Notebook Page

Take full advantage of Microsoft Teams by using both Class Notebook and the Assignments feature. Class Notebook is a great place to house your content and different work from your students. But, to track their work and grade it, you’ll want to use Class Notebook in conjunction with the Assignments feature.

If you aren’t tracking when students turn in their work or grading their work in the Class Notebook pages, you can just distribute the pages to students and review them manually. 

Create an Assignment with a Class Notebook Page

Create a Page to Assign

First, make sure you are logged into your Microsoft EDU account so that you have access to both the Class Notebook and Assignment pivot in Teams.

To be able to make an Assignment based on a Class Notebook page, we first need to have a Class Notebook page that we plan on assigning to our students.  

To do that, under the General Channel we can go to the Class Notebook pivot. If you have never used the Class Notebook before, it will prompt you to create your notebook. If you need help with this, check out this Step-by-Step guide.

I create the page I plan on assigning in the Teacher-Only Space. This way my students won’t see the page until it is assigned. Click the + Page at the bottom in the correct section and add in your content for the students to complete.

Tip: You can add PDFs to Class Notebook pages and set them as the background for students to easily write and add text on top of. To do this, you can insert a file into your page as a Printout. Then, you will need to use the Desktop application of OneNote and right-click on the PDF and click Set as Background. Now students will not be able to move the PDF around on the page.

Create an Assignment & Attach the page 

Now that the page is created, the next step is to create the Assignment.  

Head into the Assignments pivot, and Create a New Assignment. If you need a refresher on creating and grading assignments, check out How to Use Assignments in Microsoft Teams: Quick 12 Minute Tutorial for Teachers

Add in the title and description for the Assignment. The next step is to attach the Class Notebook page. Click Attach a Resource, and click the Class Notebook option from the list on the side. Then, navigate to where you have placed the assignment, and attach it.

Lastly, you must choose where you want to place this assignment in the individual student notebook space. Once it is attached, you now can see that students can edit their own copy of the page.

Fill out the remainder of the assignment details, and click assign at the top!  

Review & Grade the Assignment 

Once the students have completed their work and turned in the Assignment, you can review it and grade it. Just view this assignment in the Assignment pivot like you would any other assignment. Then, add in your feedback and grade it.  

In addition, you can go through the Class Notebook and choose to Review Student Work. You can go through each individual student notebook to review their work and give them feedback. In doing it this way, however, you won’t have the opportunity to give the assignment a grade. So it is recommended to review and grade from the assignment tab.  

See how easy that was? Now you are a Pro at both Class notebook and the Assignments tab in Teams. If you have any other questions on how to take full advantage of Microsoft Teams, let us know in the comments below!

Sara Wanasek

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