5 Best Educational YouTube Channels for classroom

Sara Wanasek

Sara Wanasek

5 Best Educational YouTube Channels for classroom

Youtube is a massive hub for any kind of video. In the past, schools have blocked Youtube from being used, but now, there are an abundance of educational Youtube channels to help you teach your students about any topic.

Showing your students a video about a subject can be used to introduce them to a new topic or create a new way to deliver your lesson. Students can absorb the information in a visual way instead of just listening to you speak or seeing things on paper. Below is a list of just a few of the most popular channels.

1. Ted-Ed

Educational YouTube Channels for classroom

TedEd uses animation paired with incredible visuals to showcase lessons in every subject, for any age group. Their channel has over 1,000 videos consisting of different lesson ideas, professional development tools, and video series organized by different themes. Each video is short, fun and engaging while still providing enough information for you to implement them into an existing lesson, or a new one.

2. Kahn Academy

Kahn Academy is a channel devoted to tutorial videos for any child, or adult to continue learning. They cover a variety of concepts in STEM, Arts and Humanities, and even Economics and Finance. You can use any of their 7,000+ videos to personalize lessons and fill in learning gaps for each student. Kahn Academy has specific channels for teachers, kids, and certain subjects with more videos curated to that audience.

3. National Geographic

Take your students on a virtual field trip by watching videos on National Geographic’s channel. With over 9,000 videos to choose from plus over 30 featured channels, National Geographic can give you and your students an in-depth view of different ecosystems, places, and people from all over the world. On average, their videos are less than 10 minutes, with topics ranging from wildlife, space history, and many more.

4. Common Sense Education

To teach your students about digital citizenship and how to safely use technology inside and outside the classroom, watch videos from Common Sense Education. Here, they have playlists you can use to teach your students in an easy way about what could go wrong if they don’t use their tech correctly. They have videos for students in both primary and secondary schools so that the information is better suited for their age.

5. Big Think

Big Think is a channel that provides videos to challenge the way you think about basic ideas. These videos are done by experts in their field to provide you with up-to-date accurate information. There are plenty of videos on current topics for you to kick start any discussion, or to take a dive into more controversial science topics.

Bonus Tool: EdPuzzle

Now that you have all these resources to implement more videos into your lessons, why not take it one step further in engaging your students. With EdPuzzle, you can use videos from the resource listed above, then using their editor, add in questions for your students to answer as they watch. Cut videos, and add in voice-over to ensure the concepts are fully explained. Check it out below!

Are there any other channels that we should check out? Let us know in the comments below!

Sara Wanasek

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