ClassPoint Update: Present with Window Slide Show Mode

Sara Wanasek

Sara Wanasek

ClassPoint Update: Present with Window Slide Show Mode

Hello teachers! We have some wonderful news. You can now use ClassPoint when presenting your PowerPoint slides in window slide show mode! Presenting in window mode allows you to present your slides as just one window on your desktop, instead of as a full-screen presentation, with just the click of a button.

If you’ve ever needed to have access to multiple applications or other tools while you are presenting, this window slide show mode is what you are looking for. For example, it is great to use when you are online teaching. Pull up your Teams chat to keep an eye on your students, and look at your PowerPoint slides at the same time. Below, we walk you through how to access this presentation mode & how to use it with ClassPoint for your online classes.

How to Present in Window Slide Show Mode

There are two different ways to begin presenting your slides as a window instead of a full-screen presentation. Both work great, so read through to see which way you prefer!

Present in Window Mode from the PowerPoint Ribbon

window slide show mode

The first way to present as a window instead of a full-screen desktop presentation is from the top PowerPoint ribbon. Click on the Slide Show tab, then the Set Up Slide Show button.

Next, in the Show Type section, you just need to click on Browsed by an individual (window), then hit Ok.

Now, when you begin your presentation, it will first begin as a full-screen window.You can resize this window and move it anywhere on screen.

Please note: These Presentation settings are file-specific only. If you want to present another PowerPoint file in Window Mode, please follow the same steps again.

Present in Window Mode with Reading View

Because of how simple this option is, we recommend presenting in window mode this way. You only have to click one button!

In the bottom toolbar in your PowerPoint application, click on the Reading View icon (a little book.) This will take you directly into presenting your slides as a window. In the same way as before, resize and move the window wherever you wish.

How to Use with ClassPoint for your Online Classes

When online teaching, most teachers like to keep an eye on their student chat while presenting their slides. If you do not have dual monitors, window slide show mode makes this possible. When sharing your screen with your students, choose to share just your PowerPoint window. Your students will see your slides, but if you are presenting in Window Mode, you can see your slides, and any other window you have open.

If you are already using ClassPoint, your account should be updated automatically to Version 1.11.5. This version contains all the changes. All the features of ClassPoint can be used when presenting in Window Mode.

You can check which version of ClassPoint you have from the About button in the ClassPoint ribbon. If you do not have Version 1.11.5, completely shut down PowerPoint, wait 2 minutes, then reopen. ClassPoint should be updated and you have access to all ClassPoint features in Window Mode! 

Don’t have ClassPoint yet?

If you do not have your free account yet, please follow these two steps to get started!

  • Step 1: Download and install ClassPoint: Just click on the Download Now button located in the top right-hand corner of this page. 
  • Step 2: Register for a free account: Once ClassPoint has been successfully downloaded and installed, open PowerPoint, and sign up for an account. This can be done by clicking the Sign-Up button on the ClassPoint ribbon. Just fill in your details, and you’re all set!
For further details on the installation process, here is an installation guide.
Sara Wanasek

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