ClassPoint Helps to Solve Online Learning Issues – An Interview with Sir Louie

Sara Wanasek

Sara Wanasek

ClassPoint Helps to Solve Online Learning Issues – An Interview with Sir Louie

In our latest ClassPoint User Insights discussion, we sat down with Louie Pedro from the Philippines to discuss his experience of using ClassPoint in his classroom.

The migration to online, distant learning to measure against the spread of COVID-19 brought a literal world of challenges for teachers last year. And in the Philippines, online classes were nearly unheard of before the pandemic. With the country’s unreliable internet connection and developing technology hurdles, many teachers were faced new online learning issues.

Louie Pedro, or Sir Louie, is a ClassPoint Certified Trainer on top of being a Science and Research teacher at Cavite National High School, a YouTube Content Creator, and the science department head at his school.

In our discussion, Louie shared how he has experience using many different tools to better engage his students in class when both online and in-person teaching. He shared some common issues educators face when implementing new tech tools in their lessons and how ClassPoint has helped him and others solve those issues.

The Online Learning Issues

When transitioning to teaching online, teachers in the Philippines, like many across the world, were forced to implement different learning modalities and technology tools. These new tools and unprepared technology foundations led to new online learning issues.

When Louie first began using ClassPoint, he had already used many different tech tools in his classroom. But unsatisfied, he wanted to see how ClassPoint could change his classroom after learning about it on YouTube. After testing it out, he found that with ClassPoint’s direct integration to PowerPoint and its user-friendly interface, it was a no-brainer classroom tool to begin using, and it started to solve some of the issues that he and others were facing.

Issue #1: Poor Internet Connection

The foremost problem teachers experience in the Philippines when online learning is unreliable internet connections. Sometimes learners will drop out of the teleconferencing due to this issue.

With ClassPoint, Louie has found that this issue has become much less of a problem. Because of ClassPoint’s direct integration in PowerPoint, there is no need to exit PowerPoint and switch between websites to better interact and engage his students. This teacher-convenience user design as unintentionally solved this problem as he is less reliant on a strong internet connection and now minimally encounters this common issue.

Issue #2: Complicated User-Interface

With a saturation of many different tools for students and teachers to use today, it takes a lot of time to get familiar with a new tool. Louie usually gives his students orientation on how to submit responses and the best ways to take part in using the tool. The process of adapting to new tools for teachers and students can be quite cumbersome.

However, with ClassPoint, the learning curve is minimal. Louie shared how learners only need to go to to participate. From there it is very straightforward for learners to submit their responses to Louie’s questions. ClassPoint’s clean and simple kept his orientation quick and easy.

ClassPoint is so user-friendly that Louie says even those who are seasoned in the teaching profession but are not tech-inclined can still use ClassPoint as it is “very navigatable“.

ClassPoint for Different Learning Subjects

Helping teachers have a smoother lesson with fewer connection drops is not the only reason Louie finds ClassPoint so helpful. ClassPoint has the ability to be used for all subject types and learning areas. With the different question types, any teacher can easily integrate varying learning activities. Not only can ClassPoint be used for Louie teaching science and research lessons, but it can be used for teaching arts, math, history, and any other subjects.

Imagination is the limit when using interactive quizzes

Sir Louie

Stand-out Features

Everyone has their favorites, so we had to ask Sir Louie about his; however, it wasn’t an easy answer for him! He said the 5 different question types are all great for creating interactive questions, and that there are so many ways he and other teachers can be implemented them in the classroom.

He did admit, though, that his favorite feature is the Slide Drawing activity. In Louie’s Research classes, learners can annotate right on papers he had them look over. In his Science classes, there are many great opportunities for matching questions, so he likes to use Slide Drawing to have his students draw to match and to check on his learners’ understanding -imaginative he is!

He called out one other feature of ClassPoint that he loves to use to better explain computation problems, but you’ll have to check out the video to find out what it is!

Four Main Takeaways

  • Integrated in PowerPoint, ClassPoint removes the back-and-forth switching of tools
  • With a simple user interface, both teachers and students will have no trouble
  • Instantly see that students are more engaged and willing to participate
  • ClassPoint helped Sir Louie solve some of the online learning issues faced in the Philippines

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Sara Wanasek

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