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ClassPoint AI, where magic happens

ClassPoint AI is a game-changing solution that effortlessly generates quiz questions from any PowerPoint slide in a matter of seconds. With its lightning-speed slide scanning technology, ClassPoint AI seamlessly examines the content of your slides, transforming it into instant quiz questions. Powered by OpenAI, let our intelligence algorithms do the work for you with unparalleled flexibility in quiz customization.

Flexible quiz customization. Tailor-made for you.

Diverse Question Types

Captivate your audience and evaluate their understanding using a range of engaging question formats.


Multiple Choice

Engage students and assess understanding with interactive Multiple Choice questions.


Short Answer

Encourage critical thinking and deeper learning through open-ended Short Answer questions.


Fill in the Blanks

Reinforce knowledge and promote active comprehension with automated Fill in the Blanks questions.

Enhance your questioning strategies. Ask with purpose.

Bloom's Taxonomy Levels

Elevate your quizzes by incorporating Bloom's Taxonomy Levels, allowing you to tailor the cognitive complexity of questions.



Promote creativity and the synthesis of ideas.


Foster higher-level thinking and judgment skills.


Encourage critical thinking and the ability to break down information.


Test the application of knowledge to real-world scenarios.


Evaluate comprehension and interpretation of concepts.


Assess factual knowledge and recall

Bridging the language gap. Enhancing inclusivity.

Multi-language Support

Language barrier? We got rid of that. ClassPoint AI supports multiple languages, allowing you to generate questions in a language of your choice.


How ClassPoint AI Works

From a single word to complex concepts, our advanced AI technology carefully detects your PowerPoint slide and creates thought-provoking questions out of it. No fuss, just sit back and let the magic unfold.


Let ClassPoint AI read your slide

Make use of any PowerPoint slide and watch as ClassPoint AI seamlessly analyze its content with lightning speed.


Generate the question

See how ClassPoint AI work its magic, generating a stimulating question based on your PowerPoint slide in just seconds.


Use the generated question

Integrate the generated question into your presentation with a number of options to either generate another, check correct answer, or save as slide!

Questions? We have answers.

ClassPoint AI is an innovative feature that uses advanced AI technology to generate quiz questions from any PowerPoint slide. It transforms PowerPoint presentations into interactive learning experiences, allowing you to engage participants with thought-provoking questions in seconds.
ClassPoint AI leverages advanced AI technology, powered by OpenAI, to provide you with a seamless question generation experience. This groundbreaking technology carefully analyzes content out of any PowerPoint slide, from which it generates applicable questions with lightning speed.
ClassPoint AI strives to provide accurate and reliable questions & answers. However, like any AI-powered system, there may be occasional variations. We continuously train our model every day to enhance the accuracy and safety of generated content as to why your feedback is essential.
Currently, ClassPoint AI is available in major languages including English, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and 30 more native languages all across the globe.
You can send your feedback and any inquiries to our support team at support@inknoe.com. Our dedicated support staff will be happy to assist you, address any concerns, and collect valuable insights to make ClassPoint AI even better.

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