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Allan A. Custodio

Allan A. Custodio

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
Julia Ortiz Luis National High School

Mr. Allan A. Custodio is a licensed professional teacher (LPT) who completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education Major in TLE (ICT) at Central Luzon State University. He is currently taking up his Master’s Degree in Master of Arts in Education at Dr. Gloria D. Lacson Foundation Colleges Inc.

Among the many achievements that Sir Allan holds, his certifications, alone, are making a bold statement that he is, indeed, a leader in innovation. To name a few, he takes pride on acquiring multiple certifications in some of the biggest certifying bodies including Microsoft, Google, Prezi and Adobe. Also in his bag are sought-after titles from renowned EdTech platforms including Edpuzzle, NearPod, Quizziz, Kahoot, Seesaw, Twinkl, Kami and Mote.

On his journey in touching the lives of fellow educators, he ensures to make more steps forward in doing several speaking engagements across different schools around the country. More than anyone else, Sir Allan actively engages himself with various teacher trainings and webinars in public schools that heavily focus on the appropriate utilization of technology in education with Digital Citizenship.

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