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Asri Pujihastuti

Asri Pujihastuti

A little bit about me

SMKN 7Surakarta
Science {Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)

Mrs. Asri Pujihastuti is a Hospitality and IPAS Project teacher at SMKN 7 Surakarta. This teacher who has a hobby of reading and writing is active in literacy community activities in her city and has successfully published several works, including books and several essays published in national and international media. The book she wrote is a textbook for hospitality vocational students. She also has skills in public speaking and often hones her skills by becoming a master of ceremony (MC), moderator, and as a voice over talent for company profiles, news and advertisements. Some of Ms. Asri's achievements include:

- Writing 5 vocational textbooks 

- Writing 1 poetry anthology book 

- Teacher Activist Batch IV 

- Third Champion of Reading Mom Ambassador (Duta Bunda Baca) of Surakarta city in 2019 

- Third Champion Inspirational Teacher in Literacy and Numeracy Competition in Solo Raya 

- Teaching Practitioner Lecturer

- National Good Practice Sharing Speaker

- ClassPoint School Trainer 

- ClassPoint Certified Trainer

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