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Chu Vinh Quyen

Chu Vinh Quyen

A little bit about me

Viện Công nghệ thông tin - Trường ĐHSP Hà Nội 2

Mr. Chu Vinh Quyen is currently a lecturer at the Institute of Information Technology of Hanoi University of Education 2. Throughout his career, he has gained experience using various interactive software. However, after using ClassPoint for nearly 2 years, Mr. Quyen realized the practical benefits for teachers and learners from this multi-tool teaching software in PowerPoint.

With his passion for software, Mr. Quyen, alongside more than 30,000 learners at all levels of education, from preschool to university, have experienced this software and found that the learning process has become much more active. This positivity not only improves learning outcomes, but also reflects the effectiveness of ClassPoint. According to Mr. Quyen, many teachers and lecturers have also turned to this software to support their teaching after experiencing its benefits.

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