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Fitriyah Nurhasanah

Fitriyah Nurhasanah

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
SDN 1 Kayuputih Situbondo

Bu Fitriyah graduated from Universitas Terbuka Jakarta, Indonesia. She has a strong will to change Indonesian education by influencing other teachers in her community and area to use ClassPoint and drive digitalization within a small village. She's a homeroom teacher who teaches primary students at SDN 1 Kayuputih Situbondo.

Many in the local DepEd praise her strong will and effort in introducing ClassPoint within their territory, she embraces ClassPoint School Coach and climbs up the ladder as a ClassPoint Certified Trainer to deliver greater wisdom to teachers.

She is a part of the curriculum development team in Situbondo and an active secretary at the Ranting 4 PGRI Situbondo.

Bu Fitri will make a change by shaping today's students with ClassPoint and preparing them for the future.

ClassPoint Certified Trainer

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