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Guendolyn C. Templado

Guendolyn C. Templado

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
Department of Education (DepEd) - Division of Silay City

An advocate, an innovator, and a passionate teacher, these are the roles that brought me to be recognized as the 2022 Most Outstanding Teacher.

I have been running a community project called "Pre-loved Clothes on Sale for A-Cause"- A Feeding Project for the past 7 years, serving the children of Barangay San Vicente. Proceeds from online clothing sales were used to purchase meals, gift packs and grocery packages for 105 children, 25 teachers, and 20 selected families each year. The primary goal of implementing this project was to instill the joy of giving and sharing, to increase student attendance and enrolment, and to strengthen community and school partnerships in addressing poverty.

I was also a National Volunteer DepEd ETUlay Tutor who conducted a free online tutorial to reinforce distance learning and scaffold instruction for students in the new learning environment. Its use paved the way for students to demonstrate a good understanding of the lessons and skills, for parents to gain confidence in assisting their children, and for teachers to optimize instruction. With positive feedback from learners, parents, teachers, and stakeholders, my online tutorial has successfully served its main purpose of bridging the educational gap in the new normal setting.

I have also organized and facilitated an Outreach Program for 50 selected children in Barangay San Vicente, which included a debriefing and counselling session. I am convinced that my role as an educator is critical in assisting children in both preparing and recovering from a disaster or health emergency.

As a passionate advocate of technology-enhanced teaching, I have led and facilitated numerous trainings, webinars, and LAC Sessions to empower other educators to do more. I promote digital literacy in the classroom and encourages students to make greater use of Microsoft technology in order to improve student performance and support equitable learning.

As one of Innovators of the Offline Module App Project which was awarded as national winner for 2022 Best Educational Technology Innovation Program, I contributed to the effective implementation of the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) by innovating and providing the teachers, parents and school children with an offline module app as an alternative to paper printed learning modules.

I was also an Innovator and a Video Presenter in the Division Initiated Self-Learning Materials in Filipino, I created materials and innovations for students to be more engaged and motivated to learn thus improving their performances.

I conducted a Webinar Series on How to Teach Online during Pandemic with the goal of demonstrating the features of Microsoft 365, which includes an engaging tools and applications that educators can use to teach virtually.

As an advocate to teaching with technology, I earned International Certifications such as Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and Microsoft Office Specialist.

With those exemplary achievements, I will undoubtedly continue to demonstrate compassion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to my students and their individual learning journey.

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