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Ika Ayuvia Johan

Ika Ayuvia Johan

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher

Ibu Ika is currently an elementary school teacher at UPT SPF SDN Pilot PAM, Makassar. As a teacher at the school, she has a lot of experience gained outside the school environment such as from organizations or communities. Some of her achievements are being entrusted to be the Secretary of the National Digital Pandu Task Force and CEO of Arbeits_Grup Training & Tutoring

Ibu Ika's activities in organization and community are certainly beneficial for fellow teachers in Indonesia. She inspires many people because of her persistence in sharing useful knowledge. She also has several certifications and achievements such as:

  1. Instructor of Guru Penggerak in Makassar
  2. Office 365 Trainer Level 200
  3. Google Certified Educator Level 2
  4. MIE Expert 2021 -2022
  5. Super Trainer Quizizz Indonesia
  6. Quizizz School Trainer
  7. Facilitator of Guru Penggerak
  8. MIE Expert 2022 - 2023
  9. ClassPoint School Coach
  10. ClassPoint Certified Trainer

Together with ClassPoint, Ibu Ika will continue to inspire and motivate teachers in Indonesia to create a better education future.

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