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Jazia Abidi

Jazia Abidi

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
Taib L'imhiri L'aouina
  • Elementary school teacher
  • Expert teacher at Microsoft for two years
  • Certified trainer for many Tunisian Arab teams / ambassador for several international platforms Kabsi and Waklet
  • Certified Teacher (Flipgrid, Edmodo, Nearpod, kami,,Book creator, Adobe Educator)
  • Member, trainer, lecturer, arbitrator, and recipient of the Arab Week Award in its 1st edition
  • Ambassador Global School Alliance
  • Ambassador 21ST DIGi Skills
  • Global community leader in Global Education GNetwork –GEN
  • Member of the "Logistics Preparation Committee" in the largest event in the Arab world "Arab Programming Week 2022
  • Gold badge as Global Ambassador for the 21 STDUGI Skills Team 21STDUGI Skills
  • Member of the Global friends Club.GFC
  • Member, Ambassador, National Coordinator and Trainer in the second edition of the Arab Programming Week on Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Protection / Professional Trainer for Palestinians, Omran Index, and Educators for Community Change

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