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Juliati M.Pd

Juliati M.Pd

A little bit about me

Educational Consultant and Coach
Pasir Penyu Department of Education

Ibu Juliati is a School Superintendent under the Department of Education of Pasir Penyu District, Riau. She has a lot of experience in the education industry, starting of as a teacher, principal, assessor, and now a school superintendent and coach. In addition to carrying out the mandate in educational institutions, she is also active in teaching. A few achievements of Ibu Juliati are:

  • ACE Level 18 (Trailblazer)
  • Google Master Trainer Level 1
  • Author of ISBN Books (Timun Bungkuk, Beb Cintaku Mati Suri dan Pakem Scientific Book)
  • ClassPoint Certified Trainer 2022

Her contributions, especially in the Riau area, can shape and bring improvement to a better direction for Indonesian education. Her vision and mission are to always learn and share sincerely at every opportunity.

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