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Kamariah Binti Awang

Kamariah Binti Awang

A little bit about me

Classroom Teacher
SK Gong Balai

Mostly known as Teacher Kay, she is an English and Mathematics teacher at SK Gong Balai, Terengganu. She is a Microsoft Educator trainee, Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert master trainee and once won the Best Educator award in the Creative Communications category at the Global Microsoft Education Exchange in March. Recently, Teacher Kay was awarded Iconic Teacher Award 2021 for the Best Teacher in Digital Learning (primary school category) by the state-level MOE. She is also very active in social media, especially Facebook and Tik Tok and likes to share interactive learning methods during PDPR. In December 2021, Teacher Kay was awarded as the Best Cikgootube in Terengganu, an award for teachers who are actively utilising the digital technology in their teaching materials, during the Digital Utilisation Technology Award (DUTA) 2021 organised by the state-level Ministry of Education.

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